“Silver Surfers” aren’t What You Think They are

by Larry Brody

…or maybe they’re what you think but not what I thought.


See the picture above? No surprise there. That’s Stan Lee & Jack Kirby’s – and Larry Brody’s too – Silver Surfer.


A silver surfer

The second pic is a “silver surfer.” Defined by the BBC as an “American…aged over 65…using the internet.”


Not the superhero I wanted to be, but know what? I’ll settle.

[scrippet]FADE IN:


LB is hunched at his desk, peering at his two 27″ monitors. He raises his right hand, palm up.

To me, my board!

Immediately, his shiny silver USB mouse pulls itself loose from the pile of notes, papers, pens, and a cool marble drink coaster on one side of the desk and flies upward, slapping itself into his hand. LB doesn’t even bother to look.

Let there be a reckoning!

And, as he clicks on the next exciting URL, we



Thanks to John August for creating Scrippets.

Thanks to Stan & Jack for creating a great character, providing me with the chance to do this.

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Larry Brody has been profiled in such national magazines and websites as Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Starlog, People, Electronic Media, IndieSlate, TechTV, io9, and of course TV Guide. A legendary figure in the television writing and production world, with a career going back to the late ’60s, Brody has written and produced literally thousands of hours of network and syndicated television. Brody has also been active in the TV animation world, writing, creating, consulting, and/or supervising the cult favorite STAR TREK animated TV series, the SILVER SURFER, SPAWN, SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, and SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED animated series, and was showrunner of the French animated series, DIABOLIK, as well as part of the team that developed and wrote the live-action/cgi animation sci-fi series Ace Lightning for the BBC. Shows written or produced by Brody have won several awards including - yes, it's true - Emmys.

2 thoughts on ““Silver Surfers” aren’t What You Think They are

  1. Rreed423 says:

    Why define it as an American? British people over 65 never use the internet?

  2. LB says:

    It’s a British article. You know how they love talking about…us.

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