TVWriter™ Don’t-Miss Posts of the Week – September 18, 2017

Good morning! Time for TVWriter™’s  Monday look at our 5 most popular blog posts of the week ending yesterday. They are, in order:

Indie Video: Who Says a Public Service Announcement Can’t Pull Your Heartstrings?

Looking for TV Pilot Scripts?

Kelly Jo Brick: Mastering the TV Writing Meeting

Web Series: ‘SIBS’ Goes Hollywood

Larry Brody’s Poetry: ‘Another Day, On The Pueblo’

And our 5 most visited permanent resource pages are, also in order:

Writing the Dreaded Outline

PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017 Writing Contest

The Outline/Story

The Logline


Major thanks to everyone for making this another great week at TVWriter™. Don’t forget to click above and read what you missed and re-read what you loved!

The Rich are Different from You and Me

Mother of mercy, is this the end of our Twitter embed experiment?

Let us know what you think.

A Few Words From the PEOPLE’S PILOT

Speaking of inclusivity:

Inclusivity is the Name of the Game

This TVWriter™ minion certainly thinks it should be:

EDITOR’S NOTE: The image above was found on the site of The University of LaVerne, which obviously knows its stuff.

It’s Good to Get Some Respect for a Change, Yeah?

NOTE FROM LB: I remember the first time I was written about in the Chicago Sun-Times. Sigh…

Proud to be, erm, you and me

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