LB: “Which science fiction TV show do you wish you could personally reboot?”

That’s the question asked over at io9.Com a few days ago, complete with this photo of one of the worst TV shows ever made:


Yes, it’s BUCK ROGERS, created & produced by a good friend of mine and taken over & produced by another friend who was actually the godfather of my 2nd son. Still sucked tho.

The question’s gotten a lot if answers, including:

  • BLAKE’S 7
  • DUNE (mini-series)

I’d like to throw in my two cents because as you all know, I’m that kinda guy. But I’m doing it here instead of the original website because I always get ignored when I comment at io9 and I really, really, really crave attention. (Hey, that’s a showbiz requirement, isn’t it?)

So. I wish that I could personally reboot:

  1. THE AVENGERS (The UK series, not Marvel’s Avengers. But only if I could still cast a young Diana Rigg and relatively young Pat McNee. Pat, incidentally, has been a great friend of mine since his BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA days and has great secret agent cred – including the fact that he was one of England’s most decorated heroes of WWII.
  2. AUTOMAN (because I’ll always regard it with great regret as a show I co-created and, yes, I cop to it, completely fucked up. One more shot. That’s all I want at it. Just one more shot…)



I think the fact that the above are the best pics I can find is a good sign of how badly I screwed up this show. Sincerest apologies to a great cast and crew…

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