LB: Want to Know Which TV Shows Hired No Women or Writers of Color in 2011-2012?


What “we’re looking for new writers” really means

Speaking, as we did here on TVWriter™ yesterday, of the Writers Guild of America West’s latest report on the writing staff situation, you can find the big picture on television industry bigots, including WGA-covered shows and their not-so-delightful propensity for bias in the WGAW 2013 TV Staffing Brief here.

And here are two interesting – as in disgusting – details, posted by ThinkProgress.Com:

Television Shows That Hired No Women Writers During The 2011-2012 Season

America’s Funniest Home Videos
Big Time Rush
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Dancing With The Stars
 (Creator Mike White wrote all the episodes)
Gurland On Gurland
The Insider
Kickin’ It
Locke & Key
Magic City
Teen Wolf
Workaholics I
Workaholics II

Television Shows That Hired No People Of Color As Writers During The 2011-2012 Season

America’s Funniest Home Videos
Anger Management
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
Baby Daddy
Best Friends Forever
Big Time Rush
Blue Mountain State
Breaking Bad
The Client List
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Dancing With The Stars
Eastbound and Down
(Creator Mike White wrote all the episodes)
The Firm
Free Agents
Game of Thrones
Free Agents
A Gifted Man
Good Luck, Charlie
Gossip Girl
Gurland On Gurland
Happily Divorced
Hart of Dixie
How To Be A Gentleman
The Insider
Jane By Design
Kickin’ It
Lab Rats
Last Man Standing
The League
Make It Or Break It
Man Up
Mike and Molly
Napoleon Dynamite
Once Upon A Time
One Tree Hill
The Protector
Ray Donovan
State of Georgia
Stevie TV
Two And A Half Men
Web Therapy
Workaholics I
Workaholics II

Dunno about you, but I’m disgusted as hell and definitely boycotting all the above shows till they demonstrate what we used to call back in the day an “attitude correction.”

No, wait, I’ve gotta be honest. I can only think of three of those shows that I might possibly try again after our iron wills have brought them to their knees, and as far as I’m concerned, two of those just plain suck.

But maybe that’s because they don’t have anything but white male writers?

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5 thoughts on “LB: Want to Know Which TV Shows Hired No Women or Writers of Color in 2011-2012?

  1. ChilltownTV says:

    Very disturbing…

    • LB says:

      Very disturbing indeed. I also find it disturbing that there are no more comments about this. No one else cares? Really?


      • phopper43 says:

        Will this help? Your list of writers who aren’t women or persons of non-white is disturbing to me, also. So there. Paul Hopper

  2. Garison says:

    I have two questions, neither of which are answered in the article:

    1. How many new writers did each of the above-mentioned shows hire during the 2011-2012 season; and
    2. How many women and people of color applied for those jobs?

  3. LB says:

    Good questions. The best place to find the answers would be here:

    That’s the WGAW Diversity site. If anyone has the info you want, it’s them.

    Speaking of which, would you be interested in writing about what you find out and the conclusions you draw from your new knowledge? TVWriter™ would be very glad to post such an article.

    Thanks for caring,


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