Don’t freak out. This series hasn’t really shown 113 episodes. NBC just wants it to look that way. You know, like a hit. Which, believe me, it’ll never @!$#-ing be.

Aargh! It’s nonsense!

Total nonsense!

Magical thinking of the worst kind cloaked in the opacity of technology!

This is what happens when writers start out as fans instead of, well, writers. There’s a peculiar (and I mean really peculiar) mindset that the born writer has. Alienated. Analytical. Bombastic. It’s clear from this episode (no, I haven’t watched any others), that the writers of REVOLUTION don’t have that. They’re readers trying to write instead.

In the words of old friend Harlan Ellison: “Just because you like to read doesn’t mean you should try to write.”

Or, to update that just slightly: Just because you love watching TV doesn’t mean you should try to write it.


We’re done here.

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