defiance pilot pic

The Good:

  • The premise and every idea that goes along with it; interesting new world, and world events, to explore

The Not So Good:

  • The premise and every idea that goes with it have been done a thousand and one times before, making this series very little more than an amalgamation of old movies, TV shows, and books

The Bad:

  • Worst acting I’ve seen in years, including by otherwise good actors
  • Worst dialog – as in dull and expository – I’ve had to listen to in years, which may explain why the usually good actors seem so bad
  • Plots and intrigue everywhere, smothering promising characters in layer after layer of “seen that, heard that” complexity that no one could give a rat’s ass about


  • I wanted to like the show – I really did (hey, it’s got Julie Benz, AKA Darla, you know? – but the production is one of the most inept ones I’ve seen since my own late, unlamented SUPER FORCE. (Yeah, I helped create that – and I apologize, dammit!) 
  • My viewing was interrupted at about the 30 minute mark and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t work up the oomph to watch the rest of what I’d DVR’d. I didn’t hate DEFIANCE, but I can’t imagine myself ever finishing this episode or trying another.

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