LB: My Life in One JPG (for better or for worse)


FWIW, to me, this is what everything’s all about. Doing your best at what you believe in. Risking everything. Taking a flyer. Plunging in.

Maybe you’ll fly. Maybe you’ll crash and burn. But while it’s happening…well, my generation had an overused saying, but I believe it applies here: “Wotta rush!”

I’ve lived every moment of my adult life this way and would never change a thing.

(Saw the pic at Forbes while research crowdfunding about a year ago. Have no idea where they got it but love the thing.)

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Larry Brody has been profiled in such national magazines and websites as Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Starlog, People, Electronic Media, IndieSlate, TechTV, io9, and of course TV Guide. A legendary figure in the television writing and production world, with a career going back to the late ’60s, Brody has written and produced literally thousands of hours of network and syndicated television. Brody has also been active in the TV animation world, writing, creating, consulting, and/or supervising the cult favorite STAR TREK animated TV series, the SILVER SURFER, SPAWN, SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, and SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED animated series, and was showrunner of the French animated series, DIABOLIK, as well as part of the team that developed and wrote the live-action/cgi animation sci-fi series Ace Lightning for the BBC. Shows written or produced by Brody have won several awards including - yes, it's true - Emmys.

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  1. And yet you sat so quiet during our script meetings. Accepting the changes if they made sense, speaking calmly if you felt they didn’t. And turning in the rewrite right on time… Do you remember those daze, LB? I’m sure you do. Writers… Real Writers…never forget. Can you possibly forget what comes from your heart, your soul, your very being? “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, SANFORD? You’re only writing a TV EPISODE!” “YES. BUT IT’S COMING FROM WHO I AM.” gs

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