LB: David Gerrold & D.C. Fontana Have a Kickstarter Project

And since they’re both friends of mine (and Dorothy – I mean D.C.) was one of my earliest mentors, all I can say is I can’t wait to sign on.


And guess what? Leonard Nimoy – you remember him, right? Used to be…oh, what was that Vulcan’s name again? – is all gung-ho about this too:


It’s a web series. Science fiction. Created by the writer of the original STAR TREK’s THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES. Produced and written by the original STAR TREK’s much-believed Story Editor D.C. Fontana.

Here’s the logline:

The Star Wolf is an epic adventure of ordinary men and women caught in an extraordinary war against a race of superhuman creatures… the Morthans who have augmented their evolution, genetically transformed themselves into a breed of gigantic warriors, trained for aggression, ferocity, and hatred… and they have sworn to destroy humanity!

That’s enough, right? It certainly is for me. But if you need to hear more, go to Kickstarter and read and watch and listen and, hell, most of all, give your support.

What? You’re still at TVWriter™? Get going – HERE.

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