LB: A Whole New Kind of Animation, Just Waiting for You


Any time you think you’ve seen it all, or that everything’s been done, look at this video and know – all the way down to your soul – that there is always “something new under the sun.” All you havea to do is find it:

My hat’s off to Edson Oda, who has turned my creative world upside down.

Oh yeah, he’s also the Winner of Quenton Tarantino’s Emerging Artist Contest for this outstanding piece. On Vimeo, Edson explains what he did:

 “The Writer” tells the story of Pedro, a young cowboy who defies the writer of the short film (me). I used the footage of the film “Day of Anger” and changed the dialogues in order to create this comic book world ruled by the sacred script.

About LB

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