Larry Brody: Hank Isaac and LILAC Strike Again

Lilac festival news 1

by Larry Brody

The latest from the Hank Man:

I just learned that Lilac – “Getting the Point Across” has become an official selection of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. This is an ongoing series of awards and screenings that you can learn more about HERE (scroll about 2/3 down the page)

We should know by April 2nd if the episode will be screened and by the 11th if it has won any awards. But just being an “official selection” is a good thing, too.

A note about awards & festivals: While we should all be properly excited when our little project wins something, the greater purpose is to (1) put the series before as wide an audience as possible — especially a motivated one — and (2) utilize each festival as what it really is – essentially a third-party endorsement. Someone other than us thinks we did a pretty good job.

Really happy for you and the LILAC crew, Hank. And really proud.

Which reminds me. Today’s April 2nd. Any word  yet?

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  1. pointsource says:

    UPDATE: “Lilac” has been officially nominated for the award of “Best WEB series.” Fingers crossed.

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