Extra! LB: Another Good Reason to Embrace E-Books

Fahrenheit_451Yep, it can’t happen, not anymore.

Literally, anyway.

Metaphorically – well, “they’ll” always keep trying, won’t they?


Hmm…Stuff that Makes Me Ponder:




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Larry Brody has been profiled in such national magazines and websites as Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Starlog, People, Electronic Media, IndieSlate, TechTV, io9, and of course TV Guide. A legendary figure in the television writing and production world, with a career going back to the late ’60s, Brody has written and produced literally thousands of hours of network and syndicated television. Brody has also been active in the TV animation world, writing, creating, consulting, and/or supervising the cult favorite STAR TREK animated TV series, the SILVER SURFER, SPAWN, SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, and SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED animated series, and was showrunner of the French animated series, DIABOLIK, as well as part of the team that developed and wrote the live-action/cgi animation sci-fi series Ace Lightning for the BBC. Shows written or produced by Brody have won several awards including - yes, it's true - Emmys.

3 thoughts on “Extra! LB: Another Good Reason to Embrace E-Books

  1. Peggy Bechko says:

    Hmmm, much to ponder. China I’m not surprised at and it looks like Smashwords may have back-peddaled on the caving to PayPal. I use both, Smashwords and Paypal – don’t want PayPal initiating a whole new way of censorship.

    Keep it coming LB – you’re right, at least they can’t literally burn an Ebook; but they’ll keep trying to find ways….

  2. DougMolitor says:

    Good point, Larry.

    I’m waiting for the reboot of Fahrenheit 451, where the evil firemen become sinister magnates who erase Kindles with powerful electromagnets. New title: Gauss 451!

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