Peer Production: “Confessions of a Disney Employee”

Peer production at its most, um, how’s raucous sound? Yeah, raucous. “Swoozie” is effin’funny:

sWooZie’s (we think that probably isn’t his real name) YouTube Channel is terrific, even the stuff that isn’t cartoons or about the Biz. (But he has a lot more insider info/videos, believe us.) But don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Peer Production: “Confessions of a Disney Employee”

  1. Rreed423 says:

    I applied at Disney World once, and a French lady who was training for the opening of Euro Disney interviewed me. When I mentioned that I had applied at Universal and other places, she was offended. If you want to work at Disney, she said, you should apply only to Disney.

    • LB says:

      That sounds so Disney. And so French. And so full of…you know. Look at the bright side. You would’ve hated the gig anyway.



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