Cheating Could Lead to Better Creativity

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some-simpson-kidby Whitson Gordon

A recent study found that cheating and creativity have a lot in common: in fact, cheating may actually increase your creativity.P

The study, published in Psychological Science, performed five different experiments in which participants performed various tasks, with an opportunity to over-report their performance. Those who cheated performed more creatively on subsequent tasks, even when accounting for individual differences in creativity.

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2 thoughts on “Cheating Could Lead to Better Creativity

  1. I grew up being both a LIAR & a CHEAT. Never took a test that I didn’t have the answers written on the inside of my hand and arms, and any place else I could hide them. Ask me a question and I answered with a lie. Every store I walked into was game! Invited to sleep over a friend’s house, I walked out in the morning with bulging pockets and having gained weight. And what do I do now? I’m a writer. What then? gs

    • TVWriter™ says:

      Well, what happens now that you’ve told us this is that you just wait. Till one of your old friends who’s read it decides to pay you a little visit….

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