Writing Gig: Lifehacker Needs a Senior Tech Writer

Lifehacker.Com, one of this TVWriter™ minion’s favorite sites that occasionally writes about tech as well as, um, life problem kinds of things, is looking to hire a “senior tech writer/editor.” According to a PR blurb on the site:

Lifehacker is hiring a senior tech writer/editor. This is full-time position with competitive salary and good benefits, working out of Gizmodo Media’s New York City mothership. You’ll be pitching and writing stories, helping shape the vision of tech coverage on Lifehacker, totally geeking out on the fastest, smartest, easiest and best ways to get things done. This is not a job reporting tech news or reviewing gadgets—this is a job for a MacGyver type who wants to engage with tech, to figure out how our global audience of more than 24 million can use it to make their lives happier, more productive and more fun.

Sounds like fun to me, but what do I know? I work for free from the darkest, coldest depths of Alaska because TVWriter™ doesn’t accept advertising and therefore doesn’t pay anybody and – true confession here – I’m damned if I’m relocating down to the U.S. during its current state of disrepair.

But if you have bigger balls than I have, your next move is to get thyself over HERE, where you can learn all about the job and its rewards and requirements.

Good luck! And, please if you give this a shot, write us a comment about how it all goes. (And no, we aren’t recommending this job, just reporting its existence. Ain’t going down that slippery slope!

Writing Gigs: WWE is Hiring a TV Writer

We here at TVWriter™ hate to rain on anybody’s parade, but this time we think it’s for a good cause. A job. Writing the adventures, lives, and loves of a certain group of athletes who may, in fact, be thought of as the very first Reality Stars.

Sorry if you thought they were just plain real, but, hey, a gig’s a gig! Oh, and don’t let the article’s shout-out to comics writers throw you. WWE doesn’t care where their next writer comes from, as long as s/he meets their definition of good.

by Jude Terror

A lot has been said about how to break into comics, but far less is known about the equally important topic of how to break out of them. Well, we’ve got some great news for comic book writers looking for an escape hatch: World Wrestling Entertainment is hiring a writer for their various TV shows.

The listing specifies that they’re looking for someone with at least five years of TV writing experience, but comic book writers could probably translate their experience writing ongoing storylines about larger-than-life characters engaging in violent brawls for an extremely critical and sometimes volatile fanbase directly to the pro wrestling world.

“With 52 weeks of original programming, without an off-season or re-runs, it is quite a creative challenge to keep characters and story lines interesting and compelling,” complains the job listing. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

The responsibilities of the job listing entail:

  • Develop and implement creative storylines for broadcast and the WWE Network
  • Collaborate with a team of Road-based and Home-based Writers to build compelling RAW/ Smackdown stories that capture the audience and generate buzz
  • Consistently improve and refine storylines
  • Use consumer insights and social media to deliver impactful storylines that are consistent with the WWE brand and each talent’s skills and history

And other requirements include:

Read it all at BleedingCool.Com

Writers Wanted: Looking For Movie And TV Reviewers (NY)

You too can be a TV or film reviewer. Maybe.

This writing gig opportunity brought to you via the wonderful gift of the gods that is Craigslist:

Get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (maybe) here: https://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/d/looking-for-movie-and-tv/6388335040.html

And if you do respond to this add, please drop TVWriter™ a line (via those little things called Comments) and let us know how it turned out.

Protecting our Butts Dept: TVWriter™ is not recommending this gig or those offering it or even Craigslist. We’re just reporting the news that this is out there.

Web Series: ‘Fighting Isis’

Don’t let the title of this Australian web series scare you away. It’s good. Really good.

Luke Buckmaster of The Guardian.Com – a majorly smart and literary and all the neat stuff UK news site ranking right up there with (ulp) the BBC – has to say about the show:

It’s King of the Hill meets Down Under meets Team America: World Police in this sassy, yappy, yobbo-lampooning animation from creators Sebastian Peart, Mark Nicholson and Pete Corrigan. Four stubbie-wielding Aussie blokes meet in a garage and resolve to wipe out Isis terrorists once and for all; an alternative title could have been “Straya, Fuck Yeah!”

Our reaction is equally positive. Unlike far too many animated series on the web, Fighting Isis whips along at a pace fast enough for even the most demented Rick & Morty fan. The jokes fly right atcha, over and over again.


Created By Sebastian Peart……? https://twitter.com/sebpeart Mark Nicholson……?https://www.instagram.com/themarknich… Pete Corrgian……….? http://www.peterjcorriganmusic.com Stepmates, 2017. contact@stepmates.com.au http://www.stepmates.com.au

TWITTER ? http://twitter.com/stepmates

INSTAGRAM ? https://www.instagram.com/stepmates

Enjoy the madness at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzgtrerHnlLSeb6-lAN-fFg

Found via Stareable.Com


Writing Gig: Reality TV Writers Wanted

Yeah, this is Stan Lee. A fiction writer who made it all real. Stan has nothing whatsoever to do with this article, but he’s definitely a real inspiration.

The heading above is the same as the heading on the “Help Wanted” ad we’re talking about. It’s unclear whether the employer is calling for more than one writer or just calling out to more than one to get the writer it needs. Hard to tell from the phrasing in this otherwise very interesting post on Flexjobs:

Remote opportunity with a part-time schedule. Will be responsible for contributing writing to reality TV shows. Must have strong knowledge of pop culture and 2+ years of blogging or writing experience. Degree in journalism or a similar field needed.

Date Posted: 08/18/17
Categories: Entertainment & MediaNews & JournalismWritingBlogging
Location: US National
Job Type: Employee, Part-Time
Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree
Career Level: Experienced
Flexibility: Part-Time Schedule, Telecommuting
Level of Telecommuting: 100% Telecommuting

Check it out HERE

And if you do look into this further, please, please, please let us know what happens!

Break a leg!

Writing Gig: Editorial Asst/Writer Wanted

by TVWriter™ Press Service

How-To-Geek, One of the interweb’s most interesting and, yes, even informative tech websites is looking to hire an editorial assistant-writer. The gig is being offered as freelance, but with a contract and the hope of everybody involved that it can “transition into a full time role in the future.”

According to the HTG’s Lowell Heddings, you’ll need to “meet at least move of these criteria.” And those criteria are:

  • Good writing skills. If I asked you to write an article about the best way to edit the Windows Registry you should be able to write something coherent on the subject even if you’ve never opened the registry before.
  • Solid understanding of technology. You don’t need to be an expert, but if I asked you to program a VCR you should probably know how to Google what a VCR is and whether time machines exist and then just ask me if I want to schedule a recording on a DVR instead.
  • Great Research Skills. If I wanted to know what the best doctor is for laser eye surgery in DC, you should be able to cut through the marketing and ads and figure out which one I should go to so I won’t end up with an eye patch. (I seriously would like to know this)
  • Stick-to-it-ive-ness. If I give you a really boring task that is going to take a week, you should see it through to the end even if it takes two.
  • Sense of Humor. I am very sarcastic, and I have extremely strong and sometimes controversial opinions on things. Android is a dumpster fire. If you are easily offended we aren’t going to work well together.
  • Willingness to Speak Up. One of the worst things you can have as a CEO is a group of people who don’t think for themselves and never have any ideas to contribute.
  • Be a Self-Starter. When I give any programming or server task to our programmer Keanan he just goes and figures it out without having to ask me a bunch of questions or needing hand-holding. It’s amazing. Be like Keanan.

To find out more and actually apply for the job, hie thyself HERE

And once again  – meaning we say this every time we post about potential employment – if you pursue this one please let us know how it goes. The Good. The Bad. And the Fug-Ugly.

We think this is a cool op at a really cool site. Good luck!

Not Quite a Writing Gig: Maybe That’s Why It Pays?

by TVWriter™ Press Service

A lit agency in Manhattan (ooh, the Big Apple!) is looking for an intern for the next three months, and what makes this Craigslist ad interesting is that for once the agency is paying.

Not a lot, but, hey twenty bucks a day will pay for a couple of coffees, right?

Here’s the scoop:

Literary Agency Film/TV Rights Internship (Nolita / Bowery)

 compensation: $20/day

employment type: part-time

We specialize in film and television, and deal mainly with writers, directors, producers, managers, and occasionally with publishers. We have sold projects produced with Brad Pitt at Warner Brothers, Ridley Scott at Universal, a #1 New York Times Bestseller at Dreamworks, an Emmy Award winning HBO movie, and a hit Netflix series.
Lots of phone work, extensive internet research, and other office-related tasks. Reading manuscripts/screenplays and writing coverage. Creating submission lists with directors, actors, producers.Frequent moviegoing is a plus.

We are a busy 2-person office, and there is lots of room to learn about the workings of a film/literary agency, ie., how books, articles, and life rights are adapted for film, the structure of an option/purchase or screenwriting deal, etc.

Experience with Microsoft Outlook is a plus, but strong phone skills are a must.

We are looking for a commitment of 3 months, 11am-7pm, 2 or 3 days a week.

There is a stipend of $20 a day.

Please send cover letter and resume.

Thank You.

If you’re in the neighborhood and interested, the ad is HERE

Could be a great place to network. Could be a wonderful job. Or, you know, not. Either way, if you apply, please let us know what it is and how it turns out.

Who luvs ya, baby, huh?