Travis Richey has Good News for Us

Travis Richey, creator of The Inspector, one of our favorite TV series-within-a-TV series creations (You’ve seen the show on Community, kids, remember?), brings us up to date on the deliciousness of his world:

by Travis Richey

Slated ranks our film 99 out of 100

Greetings, Inspectators!

Well, this is exciting!, the networking site for films and investors, has performed a script analysis and financial analysis on The Inspector Chronicles, and the results are AMAZING.  Our total project package score has risen to 55.7 (the highest score is 76.9), which puts us in the top 1% of ALL film projects on the site! Out of 5,516 projects listed on the site, only 20 have a higher total score, and we are the #2 Sci-Fi film on the entire site!

There are three big elements to the package score.

One, the team score.  This takes into account all the great talent (cast and crew) we have attached to the movie. This score will go higher as we attach even more recognizable names to the project.

Second, the script score.  Slated had our script “covered” by three readers, and their notes are combined to give us a script score.  This score will also improve as we integrate the notes we find constructive and perform another polish this fall!

And finally, the financial score, which is a projection of how much a film is likely to make, based on all available data. It is intended to estimate for investors the likelihood of financial success for a project.

Our financial analysis from Slated came back at an astounding 9 out of 100 points, and our revenue as the project stands now is projected at more than 12 times our budget!

Besides just being incredible, it now gives us some bragging rights, and we can go to potential investors with the confidence that an impartial 3rd party thinks this movie will make them some money!

Now the challenge is to find more investors!  We have a contract in place with an excellent Return On Investment offer.  We have some people we’ve already talked to, and we’re reaching out to new potential investors via our profile. Check it out!

We’re currently seeking minimum investments of $10,000, and if we got 20 of those, the movie would be funded!  So if anyone knows someone that might be interested…

Also, we still have all of our fantastic name talent attached, but we still have several roles to cast, including the female lead!  Now that we’ve got some money in the bank it becomes a little easier to go to talent and pitch the movie to them.  Plus, with new talent comes new opportunities for announcements that the industry trades might be interested in.  It’s all strategical at this point 🙂

Thank you for your continued support. Without our fans maintaining interest throughout this entire process, we might not have the fortitude to do it ourselves!


A good place to go for more about LB fave writer-director-producer-actor Travis Richey is HERE

Web Series: ‘The North Pole’

Wow. It’s gotten so that you can’t tell the pros from the ams when it comes to web series. There is nothing, we repeat, nothing amateur about this series. The North Pole is, well, it’s perfect. Writer-producer Josh Healey and his team, with encouragement in the form of $$$ via a successful Kickstarter campaign, are this TVWriter™ minion’s new heroes.

Learn more. See more. Feel more…HERE

munchman reviews a Francis Ford Coppola Idea

by munchman


The Return of ‘Morgan’s Organs’

A little under a year ago, right here on this very site, writer Daniel Brodie wrote about his Kickstarter campaign for Morgan’s Organs, a comic book that he had originally intended as a TV series.

And now, 11 months later, MO has re-emerged, alive, well, and funny as all hell as a prime example of that wonderful crossover genre – a web comic, making it simultaneously a comic book and a web TVish series as well.

We’ve read the first issue, and it’s My-T-Fine. Here’s the scoop about how it happened from the writer-creator himself:

There’s more to the tale, of course, and you can find it HERE

Oh, wait. Before you go, check out this opening page:

Okay, now you’re ready for the SITE:

Crowdfunding: “Circus Town”

Love TV? Love the circus? Love puppets?

We here at TVWriter™ do, which is why we were so attracted (hopefully, not fatally) to this Kickstarter project called Circus Town, a kids’ TV series created by “Gina, Aaron, and Annie – two professional puppeteers and a film director/producer.”

You guys already know how much we lurves puppeteers – even more than enough to overcome our natural wariness of writers’ traditional enemies – producer-directors!

Check out this down-to-the-wire funding project on Kickstarter HERE

Read the sensational writer-up on the show in PhillyVoice HERE

Crowdfunding: Chuck Palahniuk’s “Lullaby”


Speaking of crowdfunding (as we were earlier in the week) this adaptation of the award-winning novel Lullaby, written by the author of a certain cult favorite novel called Fight Club, looks like a really good thing to this fussy (I am, honest…just ask my mother about my eating habits) TVWriter™ minion.

Here’s the skinny from Kickstarter:

We’re independent filmmakers in Portland, Oregon who are adapting the novel, Lullaby, from the mind of Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk.

Chuck doesn’t write for mainstream audiences. His books challenge everything about mainstream audiences. His novel Lullaby deploys necrophilia, gender-bending, and no-way-would-this-make-it-to-comfortable-TV satire. We want to make a movie that makes people feel uncomfortable enough to think original thoughts again, just like Chuck’s novels do. To do that we need your help through Kickstarter.

We first got hooked on Chuck’s novels in the late 90’s, like some of you. We’re fans first, and so like you, as directors and producers we want to make sure Lullaby is the film we all want it to be, and not some watered-down too easy commercial yawner.

Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk

This project is also important to Chuck. He began writing Lullaby during the trial of his father’s murderer in 1999. The prosecutor came to Chuck and asked him if he wanted to advocate for the death penalty. This idea spawned the culling song, or the power of the word to cast a spell, and the story of Lullaby was created.

Today, as co-writer of the Lullaby screenplay, Chuck has maintained his vision of what this story should be.  As an Executive Producer, he’ll help us make sure that this film stays weird and challenging.

Help us make a movie that doesn’t suck.

So What’s It About?

Lullaby follows the life of Carl Streator—an over the hill reporter whose family mysteriously died years prior. After being assigned to investigate a rash of mysterious infant deaths, he discovers the killer of his own family—an ancient culling song published as a lullaby in a simple children’s book. Carl sets out to destroy existing copies throughout the world but is surprised to learn that the people he once trusted to stop the deaths may be involved in the heinous acts.

The Timeline

We plan to shoot in late 2016 in Oregon—we have 27 days planned of principal photography, giving us plenty of time to edit and add visual FX through 2017. If you are trying to be an extra, you’ll need to be available during the later part of 2016.

Read more – lots more – and see a video with Chuck himself – HERE


Support Grant Snider on Patreon

IC Logo Capture

Nobody here at TVWriter™ is personally acquainted with Grant Snider, the genius behind Incidental Comics, but we all agree on one thing: Dude really is a genius.

He’s been publishing his amazing work online for about 7 years now, and LB and the minions have been moved to laughter and tears (really!) by everything we’ve ever seen him do.

If you’ve never seen his work, we urge you to get thyself over HERE immediately. And, just as immediately, you’ll see what we mean.

Last week, Grant took to Patreon, hoping to raise a few $$$ so that he can have the time and motivation to publish more comics each month. Take a gander at his latest masterpiece right below this paragraph. Worth paying a buck a month for, yeah?


Grant’s waiting to hear from y’all HERE