Munchman sees ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

TV science fiction’s best robot and friends, one of whom is human. Can you tell who’s who?

by Munchman

One of my favorite series of books when I was in high school was Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. They were funny, they were – to me at the time – new, they weree – again, to me at that time – deeply philosophical and a wonderful analyses of the human condition.

To high schooler munchman, AKA tim muncher, or (and this one fills me with shame) t.t. muncher, as I thought of myself back then in a now-embarrassing homage to several obscene mags I’d seen while peering into the darkened window of a San Fernando Valley adult bookstore, Adams’ was what/who (?) Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was to the feeble old folks of LB’s generation.

My Writing God.

My Holy Shit This Son Of A Bitch Is So Cool inspiration.

Which is why when, one day over the 2017 Christmas vacay, I discovered a 1981, six episode BBC Television adaptation of the original BBC Radio series written by Mr. My Holy Shit This Son Of A Bitch Is So Cool hisself to actually write the damn books, I nearly crapped meself with excitement.

Thanking the Most Highest, whoever the hell that was or they were, I did what anybody who knows me would plainly expect. I set my bittorrent client to “Download, download, download” (the voice in my brain screeching it ala the “Dive! Dive! Dive” alarm in all the classic WWII submarine movies I’d heard in my Brit mom’s womb), and pulled all the episodes onto my hard drive from my current favorite interweb pirate site that I won’t name because for some reason that causes trouble but it sounds a lot like “Da Pilot’s Gay.”

And then I sat down in front of the screen of my horrifically overpriced MacBook and binged, baby binged.

Bring yer friendly neighborhood munchaholic to:


  • Forget that terrible movie some idiots made in 2005, this is the real fuckin’ Hitchhiker’s Guide,  peeps. Complete with the most memorable tropes from the book (and, I assume, the radio show too). “The answer to the universe is 42!” “Thanks for all the fish!” “The Restaurant at The End of Universe!” and, yeppers, more, more, more.
  • It’s every bit as funny as the books were in my mind, and five times as droll, with perfect – I mean this – perfect casting and direction. Woah! The timing of these episodes! Amazing!


  • It was made in ’81, which means that the sfx are almost as primitive as the ’70s earthlings who populate the first episode before, as aficionados may recall, the earth is destroyed to make way for a new intergalactic express road.
  • The middle sags. A lot. But so do the middle volumes of Adams’ “trilogy.” (Hey, it’s comprised of five volumes but it’s a trilogy. Who but the Great God Dougie could get away with that, huh?)
  • It’s only six half-hour episodes. A measly 180 minutes. Crap.


The beginning and end of the series each are such a solidly entertaining combination of the original Doctor Who (a show where My Holy Shit This Son Of A Bitch Is So Cool was one of the most popular and highly regarded writers) and one of the funniest UK comedies of the ’70s, olde Monty Python itself (particularly the music and graphics and “who gives a fuck” aspect throughout.)

Hey, what can I say except that this munchy one loved it and definitely thinks everybody out there who’s sick of the slick corporate propagandtainment we’re subjected to today.

C’mon, get up off yer butts. Fire up yer copy of  qBittorent and head on over to Oops. Well, what the hell. Go on. And tell ’em munchadaddio sentcha because I’m just a figment of yer imaginations anyway.

Buh-bye fer now!

yer friendly neighberhood munchhausen


Indie Video: Why Film Students Are God’s Chosen


I didn’t make this video, but I sure wish I did.

If yer friendly neighborhood munchaderio ends up not being able to live forever (although I sure don’t know why, or how, that could possibly be) then I want to die and live in the same hell as the crew in this behind-the-scenes. Christ knows that I already feel like I know ’em.

Brought to us by Mommy Comedy

Credits –
written & directed by Andrew Heder & Ryan Kelly
shot & edited by Ryan Kelly
graphics by Amy Bury
Cast –
Mateo St. Portugal – Andrew Heder @andrewheder
P. Brooks – Paul Brooks @cupcupdrinks
Rose Pilates – Amy Bury @AmyBury1
Grey Epcott – Greg Santos @GregorySantos
Kyle Schmidt – Matt Kelly
Randall Hamms – Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly______
Tobe Merkle – Paul Morgan @Paul_J_Morgan
Mommy Comedy – Andrew Heder @andrewheder Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly______

Munchman sees ‘Disjointed’

by Munchman

Yeppers, boys and girls, mothers and fathers, rich men and poor men, straights and tokers, hipsters and genuine individualists, conservatives and genuine human beings, yer friendly neighborhood Munchaderata is back, and I’m here to tell ya–

I say, I’m here to tell ya–

I say…well, you get the point–

Disjointed has shown this munchadelic one the Kingdom and the Glory, and the hell with “goods” and “bads” and pros and cons or stars or thumbs up. Format be damned, damned to hell, sistahs and brothas!

All I can do is give thanks to, in no particular order except that of course the writers go first:

David Javerbaum
Chuck Lorre
Will Hayes
Taii K. Austin
Warren Bell
Sam Johnson
Chris Marcil
Kevin Shinick
Brenda Hsueh
Bill Daly
Mike Dieffenbach
Matt Kirsch
Angeli Millan
John D. Beck
Ron Hart
& the Fabulous Kathy Bates
+ the rest of the cast and crew

And I also pledge total allegiance forever (or until Disjointed is cancelled, whichever comes first) to Netflix for stepping in after CBS totally fucked up and didn’t just drop the ball they killed the fucking messiah before he even had a chance to preach, let alone get nailed.

In other words, Disjointed is the best thing I’ve seen on TV since BBC Two stopped making The League of Gentlemen. Click, do not walk, to your closest available PC or similar computery thingy, light up a joint (or don’t because you don’t need to be high when you’re watching this spliff), and let the world around you burn, baby, burn.

You’ll be way too busy laughing to care.

munchman luvs ya!

L.A. Area Classic TV Fans – Herbie J Pilato is Signing Books in Valencia Saturday

by munchman

Speaking of classic TV – What? We weren’t? Well we should’ve been because TVWriter™’s very own Herbie J Pilato, the dood of doods of whom yer friendly neighborhood munchausen now speaketh, is the absolute King of Classic TV – way, way, way back in the day, a star you’ve probably never heard of by the name of Bob Cummings, starred in a popular and, for that era, long running sitcom called Love That Bob.

Why is the munching man bringing this up at this place and time? For two resounding reasons:

1) To impress Herbie J with my very own super knowledge of his specialty, most of which was obtained from, oh yeah, him.

2) Because the opening of Love That Bob always had Mr. Cummings, who played a horny photographer, looking directly at the viewer and snapping a picture as he said: “Hold it! I think you’re gonna like this picture!” And we think that Herbie J’s fans and friends are going to absolutely love this pic…and the event it describes even more:

Seeya this Saturday at Barnes & Noble!

munchman sees ‘Killjoys’

Hannah John-Kamen, ladies and gents!

by munchman

I’ve seen every episode of Killjoys since this series about intergalactic bounty hunters first debuted on SyFy in 2015, and I’m going to lead this review off with what may be a shocking confession:

I haven’t understood a single thing I’ve seen in any episode except the various sex scenes that have appeared from time to time. Yet, still, I watch. And watch. And watch.

And I can’t for the life of me explain why.

So with that in mind:


  • Hannah John-Kamen is totally believable as the most accomplished assassin in any universe, and she doesn’t utter one single word that sounds like she didn’t just think of it. She’s also gorgeous and has the sexiest voice munchado has heard since UK stage and occasional screen star Tammy Grimes moseyed from this mortal coil to the next one.

    Oh, look, it’s Hannah John-Kamen!

  • There’s all kinds of crazy chemistry between cast members. The banter is non-stop, and you know you’re watching people having a terrific onscreen time with each other.
  • Fucking show moves faster than anything else on TV or the interwebs ever.
  • Premium cable language – “Shit!” “Fuck!” “Bastard” – without premium cable pricing.


  • WTF is going on in this series?
  • Why in the name of Isaac Asimov are these people doing any of the things they do?
  • Worst photographed fights of the current era. Nobody on TV throws punches as wildly as Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane yet brings their opponents whamming to the floor. OTOH, watching Ms. John-Kamen kicking ass is so tingle-inducing what the guys do doesn’t matter at all.
  • The plots are for all practical purposes plotless, presupposing that the viewers – every one of us – have seen and read every science fiction series on TV and film and therefore are able to bring our own stories to mind to fill in the blanks that arrive every 45 seconds or so.
  • The settings, basic arcs, and attitudes are exactly the same as those of Killjoy‘s Syfy stablemate, Dark Matter. It’s like two rival network executives made a bet that each of them could oversee a stronger show than the other using the same basic material as episode guide.


As the crazy fanboy with the incredible background necessary for enjoying this show (i.e., a love of women like Ms. John-Kamen performing her various kung fu moves in skintight clothes and a pretty damn good memory of every science fiction show ever) I have to tell you that non of my complaints matter. Not one. I really want you to watch this show and keep it on forever.

Dark Matter, on the other hand, could vanish forever and I’d never know it was gone. Well, I might miss the sexy android trying to learn how to be a real human girl, but probably not because Hannah John-Kamen…yes!!!

Oh, are there other actors on this show besides Hannah John-Kamen? Yer friendly neighborhood muncher has never noticed.

munchman is TVWriter™’s sexist pig in residence. Or maybe, just maybe, the poor guy is hopelessly, inadequately, miserably, in love.

Best TV Shows of the Year According to Some Writers Who Run Shows

by munchman

2017 Emmy nomination time is approaching, and former showbiz “bible” now superfluous but fun website Variety.Com has done an end run around those equally superfluous but fun awards and asked 1, 2, 3…wow, thirty-fucking-four showrunners to pick their faves from the current season (their own shows excluded, of course).

We know how excited y’all are to know what the picks were (becuz, hell’s bells, of course those showrunners’ judgments are more important than yer lowly mouth-breather opinions, so yer friendly neighborhood munchero is here to give you the quickest possible look-see, thanks to the editorial geniuses (for reals!) at Quartz Media.

Have at ’em:

Sorry for the faint fontness bit above. For more details about all this, check out Variety’s article and/or Quartz Media’s digest version.

Oh, and while you’re at Variety, take a look at the comments. Here’s munchmallow’s personal fave:


You asked the people making the bad shows we don’t watch what their idea of a good show is…

Hollywood’s self-love never ceases to amaze even as it grows in the face of the public’s ongoing rejection.

At least the ratings are so awful, at some point all those people will have bankrupted the people who keep ordering bad shows from them, and it will be a great day for US artistry.

This one has a good beat, no? I sure can dance to it.

Ciao, baby,


munchman reviews a Francis Ford Coppola Idea

by munchman