Brad Frost on Vimeo – A No BS Talk About Bullshit


Click on Brad’s visage and go right to his site.

Gotta love a guy who’ll do that.

The fact of the matter is that Brad is a very smart man, who, as he says, likes to talk. Especially about the interwebs. We particularly like (as in enjoy and agree with) this particular Brad Frost talk:

Well, whatcha think? We told you it was about bullshit. As in the overload of crap sometimes misidentified as information on our trusty web.

2 thoughts on “Brad Frost on Vimeo – A No BS Talk About Bullshit

  1. phopper43 says:

    I didn’t wait for the punchline, but it was interesting. I was up early trying to end future political posts on my Facebook page. Enough is enough, but I expect they will all be back tomorrow morning. Take care, Larry.

    • TVWriter™ says:

      If you succeed at this, will you write an article about how so we can do it too? I’ll be waiting with ‘bated breath.


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