Inclusivity is the Name of the Game

This TVWriter™ minion certainly thinks it should be:

EDITOR’S NOTE: The image above was found on the site of The University of LaVerne, which obviously knows its stuff.

It’s Good to Get Some Respect for a Change, Yeah?

NOTE FROM LB: I remember the first time I was written about in the Chicago Sun-Times. Sigh…

Proud to be, erm, you and me

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Working At What We Love Department:

We’re playing with tweets this week because why not?

Another Day, Another Thought About THE PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017

Sometimes we just can’t stop ourselves:

Forward to the Past? Oh ye of little faith….

Does “put your best foot forward” really mean, “take a step back?” Just wonderin’….

M*A*S*H’s Ken Levine Speaks

And we’re telling you: “Listen!”