the 4 Doctors

And no, we sure ain’t talking about MDs here. It’s the Big Four:

  1. Tom Baker
  2. Peter Davison
  3. Colin Baker
  4. Sylvester McCoy

Doctors 4, 5, 6, and 7, no matter what a certain Steven Moffatt would like us to believe.

Oh, the video. 28:19 minutes of DOCTOR WHO gold. Right HERE.

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Did You Know There’s a Special Rental Complex for Creative Seniors in the Valley?

Neither did we. And we’re shocked, we tell you, shocked. Seniors? Creativity? Since when do those things go together?

Of course, we’re also just now starting to adjust to the idea that there’s an area called the NOHO Arts District in beautiful, not-so-downtown North Hollywood, which previously was known – to TVWriter™ – for only one wonderful thing: Little Tony’s Pizza, on the corner of Lankershim and Vineland. (Free plug!)

Be this as it may, here’s the NOHO Senior Arts Colony Apartments pitch, for all of you oldsters who can’t get into the Motion Picture and TV Country Home, live and in color:

NOHO Senior Arts CaptureCLICK HERE for more info to click on.

Deadlines & Other Hardships…

Ken Levine knows all about ‘em – having learned the hard way, you betcha:

rookie-570x250Rookie mistakes
by Ken Levine

Everyone has to start somewhere. For me and my writing partner, David Isaacs our first paid writing assignment was for an episode of THE JEFFERSONS. Prior to that we had been writing spec scripts, schlepping down to the Writers Guild to register them for protection, and then we peddled them to anyone who would read them.

Our spec MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW (which had already been rejected by THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and RHODA) found its way into the hands of Gordon Mitchell, one of the story editors of THE JEFFERSONS. He liked it well enough to invite us to come in and pitch story ideas for the show. One hit the mark and we got the assignment.

Now came the hard part. Not the writing – but covering the fact that we were both utterly clueless of the process.

Step one was breaking the story. We met with Gordon and his partner, Lloyd Turner and worked out the beats of the story. Gordon then asked how long we needed to write the outline?

The outline? You have to write an outline?

I didn’t say that, but that’s what I was thinking. David and I wrote outlines for ourselves but they were usually handwritten scribbles on a couple pieces of notebook paper. I didn’t think that’s what he meant.

So we were on the spot. We didn’t want to say a week and have them say, “A week? It should take you two days.” Or we say two days and they say, “What? You’re just going to dash it off? It should take a month.”

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Top UK TV writer, Chris Chibnall tells us a bit about the theater

Chris Chibnall (DOCTOR WHO, BROADCHURCH, much more) is one of TVWriter™’s favorite UK television writers. In fact, we’ve been rooting for him to be the new showrunner whenever that Moff guy gives up the DOCTOR WHO reins. (We’re also rooting for that to happen soon, but we probably shouldn’t go there – now.)

Recently, Chris spoke out about his love for more than just TV as a medium, and believe us when we say, we’re listening:

‘Broadchurch’s Creator Chris Chibnall Gets Theatrical with a New Play
by Leah Rozen


A thoughtful moment in BROADCHURCH

After scoring an international success with his mystery thriller TV series, Broadchurch, writer Chris Chibnall has turned his pen to a stage comedy.

His latest play, his first in a decade, begins performances March 27 at a British regional theater. Called Worst Wedding Ever, Chibnall’s new work focuses on a young couple whose low-key wedding plans are commandeered by the bride’s mother, who decides the occasion requires an extravaganza. Carolyn Pickles, the actress who played newspaper editor Maggie Radcliffe on Broadchurch, has been cast as the domineering mother.

The play is being mounted at the Salisbury Playhouse, a theater located in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Chibnall chose the theater partly because he has a past association with its artistic director, Gareth Machin, and also because it’s not far from his home in Dorset. The close proximity means that Chibnall can pop over to theater for rehearsals in between writing Broadchurch’s second season, which is expected to go into production later this spring. (There’s no word yet from ITV on when the show’s new episodes will air on the network in the U.K.)

In an interview with a local paper, the Salisbury Journal, Chibnall said of the Salisbury Playhouse, “I love the feel of the theater and the way it’s connected to the community.”

Discussing his planned theatrical foray last November, Chibnall told The Independent, “It’s the first play I’ve written in 10 years and I’m very excited and utterly terrified about it. I wanted to make sure I did something very different and challenging between writing Broadchurch series 1 and 2.”

In addition to scribbling away at Broadchurch’s second season, Chibnall is serving as executive producer on Gracepoint, the American version of the show. He also wrote the U.S. remake’s first episode.

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