Books on TV, Screen and Other Writing

The following list of Books You Can’t Live Without is based on a set of criteria that I admit may be considered highly idiosyncratic. I judge a book on screenwriting, television writing, or just plain writing on the following:

  • How well the author understands the philosophical ideal of the good script (or novel or short story or sentence)
  • How much practical knowledge of the business side of things the author demonstrates
  • How entertaining the author’s writing style is (because that’s a direct example of how good a writer he or she is)
  • How much I learn from the author
  • How much I personally know about the author and his or her work (and how much I admire him or her)Now that you’re armed with knowledge of my bias, here is my list of:

 The 10 Most Helpful Writing Books You Can Read

And the absolutely most necessary book for all writers of any kind:

Which reminds me. This last book isn’t about writing per se, but is in fact an inside look at television and how TV has changed the world we live in as well as itself. And I, you know, wrote it. So check it out:

Just to keep life uncomplicated, all you have to do is click on the books you want and you’ll be whisked to your friendly neighborhood Amazon.Com so you can order.