What TVWriter U is All About

by Larry Brody

Recently, I talked to a group of teachers at a well-known university and told them how much I’d like to teach at a place like theirs. Their reactions astonished me.

Because they were astonished.

“You want to teach? Humans? At a college? But, but, but…why?”

“Because I got lucky when I first started in the Biz. Sold my first series idea and got my first paying gig after just three months,” I said. “I didn’t know what-all about writing for TV or film, but from that point on I’ve gotten continuous on-the-job training for a zillion and one years.

“New writers can’t do that now. The competition’s too fierce. Fewer openings for writers. And many more writers slugging it out to fill them. I want to give back, to help others the way others have helped me. To teach them what I’ve learned.”

The university teachers shook their heads, not getting it. What they also didn’t get, because they didn’t know, is that I’ve been putting my pay-back ideal to work for – oh, wow – about 15 years now.


Right here at the little subdivision of TVWriter.Com that I like to call TVWriter University.

Over the years we’ve given classes and workshops in just about every aspect of writing that you can imagine. And guess what I’ve learned?

I’ve learned that no one can teach anyone else how to write. But I can teach you how to think and work like a professional. How to write so that executives will read what you’ve written and still feel true to yourself. How to make the best possible use of your talent.

Most teachers haven’t spent much time – if any – in the professional trenches. That’s why they’re teachers. (And why the teachers I talked to reacted as they did. )

No teacher that I know of has spent as much time in the trenches as I have. (How much time? Well, you can see for yourself on IMDB)

Check out the classes that TVWriter University currently is giving:

Now all you have to do is take that big step forward and sign up.

Questions? Cool. Email me.

I’m really looking forward to helping you achieve your dream (and, yeah, it just might do my karma some good too).