TVWriter™ Contributing Editors: Herbie J Pilato


Herbie J Pilato has served as a writer, producer, consultant (for Sony, Warners, NBCUniversal and more) and on-air cultural commentator for the TV Guide Channel, Bravo, TLC, Syfy, E!, A&E, MSNBC, and other cable and broadcast networks.

Herbie J is also the author of several media tie-in books, including Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery, Twitch Upon A Star, Bewitched Forever, The Bionic Book, Life Story: The Book of Life Goes On, The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom, The Kung Fu Book of Caine, and NBC & ME: My Life As A Page In A Book, as well as myriad magazine and interweb articles.

As President and CEO of Television, Ink., Herbie J is developing several TV shows and feature films. He also is Founder and Executive Director of The Classic TV Preservation Society and co-hosts a regular classic TV-geared segment on Life Lessons Blog Talk Radio.

Herbie J Pilato resides in Burbank, California, which he affectionately refers to as a cross between Hollywood and Mayberry. His website is