WELCOME TO TVWRITER™ (aka TVWriter.Com aka TVWriter.Net aka blah blah…)

As a writer and producer who has toiled in television for many years, I offer this inside look at the medium some have called the “vast wasteland.” But many a wasteland encompasses areas of great beauty, and as I press my remote I see channel after channel of potential.

Whether you’re a working TV writer, aspiring to be a working TV writer, or the all important TV viewer, take a look around. Better writing means better TV, and the more we all learn, the better television will be!

Yep, this is showbiz. Gotta problem with that?

Yep, this is showbiz. Gotta problem with that?


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Now Closed to Entries
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5 thoughts on “WELCOME TO TVWRITER™ (aka TVWriter.Com aka TVWriter.Net aka blah blah…)

  1. geraldsanford says:

    TV will never be more than it is now as long as there are commercials for SOAP SUDS, BAD FOODS, and more STUPID TV SHOWS. America not only feeds on “DUMB-DOWN” we reward it. Were the shows better in my ancient day? No…there were just fewer T-V’s. gs

  2. LB says:

    Which is why cable nets like HBO and Showtime win all the awards these days. No interruptions. (And commercials only for…themselves.)

  3. geraldsanford says:

    You’ve NAILED IT, LB! By the way — What’ve you been up to all these years? Doing any writer? gs

  4. Rachel says:

    Hello, is there a message board on this web site where you can post questions and comments? I could have sworn I saw one, now I don’t, but I do see comments in various places. Is there a way to start a thread or topic, or just comment on the ones that already exist?


    • TVWriter™ says:

      Once upon a time, a prior iteration of TVWriter™ had a very popular message board, but as soon as we changed to the site’s current format the board just kind of wasted away and, ultimately, was discontinued.

      The current version of this site being basically a blog, members can comment on every post just as you’ve commented on this Welcome Page. (Not nearly enough visitors take advantage of this, btw, so we’re really glad you have.)

      And if you have any questions, or comments on a new subject you’d like to explore, you can send them directly to Team TVWriter™, whose email addy you can find right here: http://tvwriter.net/?page_id=159

      Don’t be shy. We love hearing from you. Really. (Well, our Beloved Leader, Larry Brody, says he does, but he’s, you know, a kind of expert on showbizspeak. Uh-oh, did we give something away?)

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