Mere tips aren’t enough? You want details? You got em! Our most recent offering is an advance look at one of LB’s columns for the dear, departed SCREENTALK, the fabulous European screenwriting magazine. This one answers the oft-asked question, “Why didn’t they buy my script?” and TV Writer.Com is betting that the answers will surprise you.

If that’s not enough–and why should it be?–find out what happens–and what you should do–when you finally get that all-important series pitch meeting. Learn exactly what will go on after you strike gold and get your first freelance TV episode assignment. Follow that up with the lowdown on writing a Movie of the Week! Then read about how BigMedia really views you…and how you should view it. (Them?)

And remember, none of this can happen if you don’t come to L.A.!

Bulletin #1: The Pitch

Bulletin #2: BigMedia & You

Bulletin #3: New Wine in New Bottles

Bulletin #4: Living in L.A.?

Bulletin #5: Writing the Dreaded Outline

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