“Writers fighting other writers is the fucking American dream in the eyes of Sony”

No, this isn't from one of Harmon's episodes. It's just guys trying to be him.

No, this isn’t from one of Harmon’s episodes. It’s just guys trying to be him.

Yep, that’s a direct quote – from Dan Harmon, of course. He’s already at it again.

Bashing Sony, we mean.

Ain’t it cool?

According to Hollywood Reporter.Com, Harmon used his Harmontown podcast to give his once and current bosses hell, and also says a lot about the current (and just possibly the eternal) state of TV:

There’s a system in place that’s winning because I would’ve had too much leverage, too much power, too much salary — as would a lot of writers coming into season four — so they just flushed us, replaced us with two guys who didn’t know what they were getting into….

Then, a few beats later, he really gets into it:

Writers fighting other writers is the fucking American dream in the eyes of Sony. That is what they want. They want creative people rewriting each other. They want creative people replacing each other. They want us interchangeable. They want to think about writing the way they think about the guy on assembly line 24 that puts the final screw on the fucking Playstation. They want to think about us all that way, and I shouldn’t even say ‘they,’ ’cause it’s an it. It’s a fucking machine.

Gotta love a guy who bites the hands that feed him and chomps right through the bone.

TVWriter™ takes off its fucking corporate hate to ya, Danny!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This just in. Tuesday, on his Tumblr blog, Dan Harmon Poops (a name made in munchman heaven), Dan theMan apologizes for his podcast outburst. Specifically, he says he’s sorry to

  1. COMMUNITY fans for being “disrespectful to your love of this show”
  2. the COMMUNITY cast and crew for “imply[ing] that something you worked on was as hard to watch as my family being assaulted”
  3. the COMMUNITY writers for “poop[ing] on your work…There was some amazing stuff there”

He also reaffirms his opinion that:

the creatives are not the bad guys…I shouldn’t be letting an inhuman system that doesn’t care about humans enough turn humans against humans.  Especially us.

And he then goes on to talk about how he feels about writers, which is pretty much the way we at TVWriter™ feel about writers and the way we think everybody should:

Don’t tell anyone I said this but all writers are better people than all non-writers.  Nobody read that unless you’re a writer.  I broke a code when I judged the work of writers with whom I wasn’t in the same trenches.  I’ll suffer for it because I’ll be looking for a job soon enough and nobody will want to work with Judgy McPsycho Van Crieswhenhetypes.  So I hope my ten seconds of, as the kids say, “butthurt” comedy was worth it to me, and I’ll see you in Hell, where, don’t tell anybody I said this but is where I believe all writers go because we make God jealous.

And, speaking of writers, we have to say this again because it’s so cool: Writers make God jealous.

Words to remember on those dark, sleepless nights when appreciation of our work seems as though it may never come.

Oh, wait, there’s more in the apology, a lot more, but nowhere does Danno apologize to a certain production company or renege on the all-too-true headline of this article: “Writers fighting other writers is the fucking American dream in the eyes of Sony.”