Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/22/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Frank Spotnitz (X FILES) & Nicholas Meyer (HOUDINI) have created the ultimate crime series: FREUD: THE SECRET CASEBOOK. (That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that it’s being set up in the UK, which means that most likely the show will take its sweet time coming to where we in the U.S. can see it without doing something illegal.)
  • Pivot TV has announced a whole passel of new shows for, you know, “younger viewers,” as in the same obnoxious demo that all TV shows these days are made for but presented as though only Pivot is doing this. Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman is especially interested in FORTITUDE, created and run by Simon Donald (LOW WINTER SUN). (Cuz it’s set in – get this – “the Arctic town of Fortitude…surrounded by the savage beauty of the polar landscape,” and if there’s one thing this munchy one loves its looking at barren wastelands for at least an hour a week.)
  • Speaking of barren wastelands, Pivot also has LEADER TOWN, an animated comedy about an American family trying to fit into a Russian town, created and showrun by THE SIMPSONS’ Jeff Westbrook. (Warning note: This particular wasteland is a moral-ethical one. The town is where “the world’s deposed ex-leaders…live out their lives in luxury using their ill-goten gains.” Oh well, if there’s one thing THE SIMPSONS writers know about it’s…yeah, you guessed it, moral-ethical dilemmas.)

Peer Production: WALLFLOWERS is another web series we should all be watching

by munchman

It’s also the best series about gays on the planet:

Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman isn’t gay, but if I was…I’d still watch this show.

See it HERE.

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/17/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Felicia Day (the Queen of Interweb Series) is developing a paranormal type thriller series for Hulu with Bryan Singer. (And since Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman is a huge fan of Felicia’s, the fact that I don’t trust anything with Bryan Singer’s name on it isn’t gonna stop me from watching.)
  • Frank Spotnitz (TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES) has a new overall deal with Tandem Productions for the usual development stuff. (Anyone notice how much better a writer-producer Frank has become since moving his business to London. Guess he’s just gotta work a lot harder now to pay all those Brit taxes. Whatever it is, it’s a positive for viewers everywhere.)
  • Jeremy Dorner (THE KILLING) is developing RADIANT DOORS, based on Michael Swanwick’s short story, for WGN America. (Another “dystopian drama! Wowser, the munchie one can hardly wait – cuz fake dystopias are oh-so-much more fun than the real one we now live in.)
  • Christian Taylor (TEEN WOLF) is the new showrunner of the upcoming MTV “cyber thriller,” EYE CANDY, based on a book by the ever-popular R.L.Stine. (Watch out, fans. This is a complete retooling of the original pilot, which can mean only one thing: The powers-that-be don’t get whatever there is to be gotten from the original series of books featuring the character Victoria Justice.)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/12/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Karl Schaefer (EUREKA) is showrunning Syfy’s new zombie drama Z NATION. (The series is already a go, so if you know Karl, or have some zombie adventure cred, have your peeps get in touch with his peeps and get your awesome self on the staff of the show.)
  • Art Linson & John Linson (SONS OF ANARCHY) have a new overall deal with HBO, starting with the drama series, YELLOWSTONE about, uh, violence in Montana. (The munchy one has absolutely no interest in Montana, so no way am I going to watch this if it gets on the air. Well, maybe if I get on staff. Yeah, if I’m writing the damn thing I’ll be glad to watch. But only my eps, dudes, cuz that’s how munchies roll.)
  • Steven Knight (LOCKE) is writing an 8-part BBC drama called TABOO, about a 19th century adventurer fighting with the East India Company. (Ooh, man versus corporation. I can hardly wait. What could be better than watching the guy who broke Batman’s back go up against a corporate charter? Thing better be made of some very thick paper!)
  • David Milch has extended his overall deal with HBO. (Evidently cuz HBO thinks that having a hack has-been who’s last decent work was on the air almost a decade ago is preferable to letting anybody new and/or under 60 into the building. The Milchman is gobbling up a piece of the pie that could’ve been yours, mine, or anybody else’s. The only Big Name who’s gone lower than Milchovic is Bruce Springsteen, who now makes his living covering hits recorded by dudes at least a century younger than his botoxed self. Oh, brave new world – why hast thou forsaken us? Or something like that.)

    End of rant. Buh-bye for now!

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/10/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Nick Willing (TINMAN) is writing the first episode of Syfy’s OLYMPUS, a series that may or may not be about the ancient Greek gods. (More likely, it’s about the inevitable war between the gods and the humans who didn’t want to be pushed around any more, which Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman is definitely interested in seeing.)
  • Sam Vincent & Jonathan Brackley (SPOOKS) are developing a drama series called HUMANS for – wait for it – XBox! It’s all about a parallel universe where humans use highly developed robot servants and the moral, ethical, and just plain dangerously real problems the situation creates. (A slavery parable, kids? Possibly. And also the prequel to BATTLESTAR GALACTIC that should have been. )
  • Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton (IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) have a new 3 year deal with FX Productions. (And not only does it give them all kinds of development ops, it also renews IASIP for 2 more years and picks up their new Tracy Morgan comedy series as well. (Congrats, guys. Hey, remember how great I was when I guested on Philly?Wouldn’t this be a terrific time to, you know, lock me into your new show?)
  • The Weinstein Company has a new deal with Gannett giving the Weinsteins the rights to develop TV projects based on anything in Gannett newspapers, TV stations, websites, etc. (Which means – and this is confidential, just between us – that our Beloved Leader, Larry Brody, is sitting with his fingers crossed that somebody at Weinstein tries to develop LB’s old Gannett newspaper column, Live, from Paradise, into a series. But is that cuz he wants to see it on the air or cuz he wants to sue their butts off since Gannett never bought those rights from him? Whatcha think, fellow idealists?)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/8/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Guy Hibbert (BAFTA winning UK writer) is developing ONE CHILD, a BBC drama which will also be carried in the U.S. by Sundance TV. (The story seems to deal with the problems of ethnicity within UK and Chinese cultures…which might make for limited U.S. interest, don’t ya think?)
  • Aisha Tyler’s book of essays, Self-Inflicted Wounds is heading for TV as a half hour comedy via CBS Television Studios, and – good news fellow strivers – the search is on for a writer or writers to do the adaptation. (In other words, get your agent on the phone NOW funny people! Or, better yet, tell your agent to get in touch with Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman and give me a much-needed boost.)
  • Paul Ackerman (THE AMERICANS) is adapting his Tony winning play, Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight into a comedy series for Direct TV, which has already ordered ten episodes. (Actually, this is a good thing for those of us amongst the Great Writing Unemployed because it shows that DTV is now open for comedy proposals. So if you didn’t call your agent after reading the last item, the time to punch in her numero has re-arrived. Hmm. Is that a word? It should be.)
  • Matthew and Daniel Libman (HAPPY ENDINGS) are writing the comedy pilot DUTY for Comedy Central cuz…it’s a comedy, you know? (Bastards! It’s not like they need the gig. No way their hefty savings from HAPPY ENDINGS are already gone. Unlike the savings of a certain muncher with whom I’m very close who is thisclose to being homeless. Sigh.)