LA Must-See: “Forgotten Baggage” by Robin Walsh

One of these objects isn't an object at all - it's our wonderful subject: Robin Walsh!

One of these objects isn’t an object at all – it’s our wonderful subject: Robin Walsh!

by munchman

Robin Walsh, longtime TVWriter™ friend and puppeteer genius behind The Devil You Say and It’s a SpongeBob Christmas has a new must-see show for us at the Hollywood Fringe, but not with SpongeBob or Satan this time. This year’s she’s showing a work-in-progress version of her new show: Forgotten Baggage: Stories from the Willard Suitcases.

The true backstory:

In 1995, workers cleaning out the Willard Psychiatric Center in upstate New York discovered hundreds of suitcases from former patients packed away, their owners buried and forgotten. The objects within were time capsules of lives disrupted and interrupted, simultaneously rich with details about their owner’s past yet devoid of answers to how or why.  The suitcases were unfinished stories trapped in time.

Here’s where fiction comes in:

Forgotten Baggage is an evening told with Object Theatre, intimate and simple. Each scene is based on items from one suitcase, giving the objects inside a chance to live out their lives, if only for a brief moment. Essentially a work of fiction inspired by remnants of actual people, the tales have been gleaned from the objects themselves. Told both with and without words, the stories go from comedic, to fantastical, to tragic.

Together they weave a fractured yet cohesive evening, (echoing, perhaps, the mental states of the original patients). This Fringe production is a work in progress production, featuring 2-3 “Suitcase Stories.”

Currently in an early stage of development, this show is the recipient of a 2016 Henson Foundation Workshop Grant and is based on the photographic work of the actual suitcases by Jon Crispin.  For more information, please visit

Also be sure to see the Crispin’s wonderful photos at

After receiving the Henson Foundation Workshop Grant, Robin decided to bring a small piece of the show to the Fringe this year and get feedback to help develop the concept further. We at TVWriter™ think that’s a great idea and suggest you grab a friend and come on down to see what’s she’s been up to and help make it even better!

Tickets are free, or pay what you can. At the new Sacred Fools space, in the Studio Theatre (the old Asylum theatre space), at 1078 Lillian Way, off of Santa Monica.

Preview is this Friday, June 3 at 7 pm. And just 2 shows – June 17 at 8 pm and June 24 at 11:30 pm.  It’s a small theatre – so get your tickets now!

Hope to see you there!!! (Think you’ll be able to spot me?)





THE NAKED MAN COMEDY SERIES has been around for 4 years now, and it’s been a secret pleasure of this TVWriter™ minion all that time. I mean, what’s not to like? C’mon – it’s a naked man!

Here’s Episode 2:

More about the Naked Man including Episode 1 and other series by Wynjdotte Street HERE

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munchman: “munchman’s Outrageous Music Video?”


by (yeppers) munchman

A few months ago, TVWriter™’s Beloved Leader Larry Brody bobbed when he should’ve weaved, reaped what he shouldn’t have sown – whatevs – and became part owner of a start-up animation studio called Southeast Asia Animation because it’s headquartered in Bangkok and if that isn’t southeast Asia then what the #@!$ is?

LB’s first step as Co-CEO was to put the Thai Team of animators to work on some projects that he and his partners Steve and Pace Encell hoped would become solid proofs of concept, that concept being that SEAA could make magic moving pictures happen for media companies and individual creators that needed ’em.

This is sound business, and This Particular TVWriter™ Minion joined other friends and business associates of LB’s in applauding it. But being the greediest of munchers, This Particular TVWriter™ Minion, AKA munchelito AKA munchado AKA munchman meself, also took it upon himself to go a tad farther.

What yer friendly neighborhood munchman is getting at here is that yers truly has taken on the role of supervising muse of SEAA’s Very First Completed Project, created by the very talented Encell per and fils. (Yikes! foreign words! better look ’em up if you don’t know what they mean!)

Hope y’all enjoy what one damnfool critic has already called “munchman’s fucking lunacy!” and another cultural philistine has referred to as, per the title above,”munchman’s outrageous music video.”

Here it is, and remember: You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

YouTube Preview Image

munchman: The Real X-Files Conspiracy

Mulder-and-Scully-the-x-files-79163_430_326by munchman

I love this idea about what was really going on between Mulder and Scully in the original X-FILES. Don’t know why. I just do:

…[T]he the only pseudoscientific conspiracy theory I’m interested in propagating is my longtime conviction that Mulder and Scully started fucking in the very first episode of The X-Files. I have fought about this with so many fellow nerds that I’ve basically adopted a “Don’t @ Me” policy in real life about it, like just accept and respect my beliefs, and I’ll do the same with yours. But. Ok. You know in the pilot episode when Scully thinks she’s been bitten by whatever thing they’re in the middle of nowhere investigating? I could look this up but I’m kind of enjoying doing this by memory. ANYWAY, she thinks she’s been bitten, and she knocks on Mulder’s door, and she’s wearing JUST A TRENCH COAT OVER HER BRA AND UNDERWEAR, and she SHOWS HIM JUST HER SHOULDER, and he TOUCHES THE BITE and SMILES and says “IT’S JUST A MOSQUITO BITE”? Like. I’m wet just remembering this. Are you telling me that they DIDN’T immediately have “wow I’m not going to die and I’m so relieved” sex right then and there?

–Haley Mlotek

Jeeze Louis, this fucking explains everything!

I don’t know Haley Mlotek, the writer of the piece the above quote is taken from, but I’m definitely now a fan. And I’m thinking The Hairpin.Com, where the above first appeared, is a pretty cool site.

Especially since they’re open to freelance submissions of original content from, um, you know – writers like us.

Check it out

And here’s the context of the insightful paragraph above.

munchman is the pseudonym for the huge but deliberately unknown talent who is the secret power behind Larry Brody’s throne. But you already knew that, right?

Get Ready for the New PEOPLE’S PILOT

Nu PP-SS Capture

If you went to our site for the PEOPLE’S PILOT COMPETITION yesterday you probably noticed that, nope, unlike in previous years, we weren’t ready to open up the 2016 running of the contest on February 1st.

You may also have noticed some new verbiage on the home page as well:

Over $20,000 in prizes and bonuses!

Coming March 1 – the All-New 2016
(& Spec Scriptacular too)

Followed by:

New Categories – More Prizes – Longer Entry Period

We don’t want to give everything away just now – mainly because we haven’t finalized all the changes yet – but yeppers, LB has us TVWriter™ minions working our patooties off preparing for big changes to TVWriter™’s core contest.

So please, be patient. All will be revealed come the 1st of March.

And be happy too.

Cuz we really think you’re going to like what’s coming every bit as much as we do.

Bear with…


munchman & Team TVWriter™ 









Robert Mitchum's corpse gives us his best Bill Murray face...and fails

Robert Mitchum’s corpse gives us his best Bill Murray face…and fails

by munchman

Talk about a predicament!

On the one hand, Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchola has to confess here and now that he absolutely lurves Bill Murray. Many’s the night, in fact, that I’ve YouTubed myself to sleep listening to My Hero spend a magnificent 59 seconds doing his inimitable rendition of the STAR WARS theme. Nobody does it like Billy Baby, not even Ella Fitzgerald.

On the other hand, I Netflixed A VERY MURRAY CHRISTMAS the other night, and, well, let me put it this way: Why the hell was the fantastically unfunny – and D-E-A-D Robert Mitchum running around the Carlyle Hotel pretending to be the Murrayman in a Christmas special so unspecial that it made director Sofia Coppola’s snoozily inept LOST IN TRANSLATION (which starred the real Bill Murray) look like (no, not an Oscar winner – never!) a Golden Globe nominee?

Here’s my tally:


  • Maya Rudolph can really fucking sing!
  • So can Miley Cyrus, who at her tender age, whatever the fuck it is, has blossomed into the one thing her father could never be – a consumate pro.
  • David Johansen lives and does a wonderful Tom Waits!
  • Paul Shaffer is a much better piano player than his David Letterman personality would ever have led me to believe.


  • Bob Mitchum’s corpse’s terrible impersonation of My Beloved Bill.
  • The script, by Mitchum (I presume because it’s so damn dead), the gloriously connected and ingloriously untalented Ms. Coppola, and Mitch Glazer, who wrote the okay-because-it-starred-the-Real-Bill SCROOGED and who was married to the extremely cool Wendie Malick for a couple days, reminded me so much of THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES that I kept screaming, over and over, “There’s nothing there!”
  • Everything else but the music, which would have actually been kind of good if it wasn’t all, you know, that overtired Christmas stuff.


Goddammit, you know what the conclusion’s gonna be: Stay away from this thing and the people who made it cuz the only thing they could possibly have been thinking of was was how much contempt they had for Netflix. Or Bill Murray fans. Or, I dunno, everyone.


yer friendly neighborhood muncher!

The grinch who calls himself munchman is TVWriter™’s official, authorized scapegoat. Now, just between us, aren’t you glad we have the lovely Diana Vaccarelli doing most of our reviews these days? Don’t you wish she’d done this one?