Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/28/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Dana Goodman & Julia Wolov (FAKING IT) are developing an untitled comedy project for MTV. (According to the P.R., said comedy project is “autobiographical.” The same press release also emphasizes how young Dana and Julia are. So of course the munchie one is just all a’tingle at the prospect of learning all about their undoubtedly riveting and meaningful lives.)
  • Pamela Gray (CONVICTION) is adapting Liane Moriarty‘s novel The Husband’s Secret for CBS. (Personally, I’d rather not have this dangerous precedent of nosing around the secrets of married men hanging over my head as I draw closer to – OMG! – potential matrimony meself.)
  • Noah Oppenheim (THE MAZE RUNNER) & Chris Bremner (newbie) are developing an Amazon Studio series called PROMISED LAND, about Moses doing his thing while getting his fellow runaway slaves hopelessly lost in the desert. (Yeppers, I admit it. I’m praying for this to be a comedy cuz…how do you take Moses seriously? And the Golden Calf business? C’mon! That’s Louis C.K. material for sure.)
  • Speaking of OMG!,  Barry Eisler‘s book series, Rain, is being developed into a TV series for international production, produced by and, coincidentally starring some dude name of Keanu Reeves. (El munchero is tempted to riff on what this tells us about the state of po’ l’il Keanu’s film career, but instead I’d like to point out that no writer has yet been named for the show. So this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the plummetting Keanu Reeves’ elevator and make yourself a few $$$. Call yer agent and get this great gig!

Write in and tell me what you’ve sold today. TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends. (And, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/26/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Stu Zilcherman (SIX DEGREES) is developing an unnamed “dating comedy” for Showtime. (And try as Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchman may to look at the bright side of this deal for anybody other than those being paid for it, hey, I just can’t. Unless, yeppers, I’ve got it: “Dating” is a Showtime euphemism for “fucking.” It’s got to be. Ooh, in that case, this announcement has made my perverted day.)
  • Julius Sharpe (FAMILY GUY) has a new overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV. (In which, it seems to me he will, basically, continue his work as Seth MacFarlane’s head flunky go-to writer. Good networking, Julius!)
  • Dan Sterling (THE OFFICE) is writing the pilot for an untitled CBS comedy about “a well-meaning and all too compliant man” who forms a “friendship and partnership with a powerful, embattled woman.” (In other words, looks like the Moonves network is into some heavy SMBD stuff guaranteed to make its geriatric audience’s collective heart go…well, maybe just keeping that ancient heart going will be a good thing.)
  • Connor Hines (the web series LOCAL ATTRACTION) has a deal at ABC to write, star in, and executive produce a half-hour project. (Giving further proof to TVWriter™’s contention that a successful web series is now the best way to get yourself started in TV’s major league.)

C’mon, write in and tell me what you’ve sold today. TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends (and, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)

TV Writing Deals: WGN America Wants Us to Watch a Couple of New Series

The upcoming TITANS series probably isn't about this team, but, hey, who knows?

The upcoming TITANS series probably isn’t about this team, but, hey, who knows?

by munchman

Which means that they’ve greenlit one for 13 episodes and have commissioned a pilot script for the other.

The greenlit (-lighted?) series is called TITANS, created by Peter Mattei, who the last el munchero heard, was a writer for CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL, a ’90s Nickelodeon series that, well, was in fact my favorite show of that era. Ah, Melissa Joan Hart, who suspected you’d grow up to become not only a teenage witch but also an adult bitch the most politically right wing actor since Charlton Heston?

But munchy digresses. TITANS is about some yutzes in Appalachia who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, seem to be the vilest set of heroes since the hillbillies in DELIVERANCE. (What? The hillbillies weren’t the heroes? They were when I saw it at a midnight show in West Virginia in the backroom of a dingy pool hall.)

WGN’s other attempt to cajole us away from the interwebs is a would-be series called UNDERGROUND,  created by Misha Green (SONS OF ANARCHY) and Joe Pokaski (HEROES), and it’s about all those well-meanin’ white folks who helped all those desperate, um, non-white folks get outta the South and live the lives of free men. FWIW, I’d much rather see a series with real heroes doing really heroic deeds than one with off-the-grid ignoramuses who think they’re really the Illuminati, but, hey, UNDERGROUND just didn’t have the pull on the execs’ minds/hearts/souls/wallets? that TITANS did.

But be that as it may, for us starving TV writers, here’s the important thing: These shows are gonna need writers, for either on-air eps or backup scripts, so start dialing your agents’ phone numbers now!

While you’re waiting for an answer, why not settle back and watch this classic film, where the underground railroad types were the $#@!ing bad guys, believe it or not:

YouTube Preview Image

TV Writing Deals: Would You Watch a Series About a “Poor Farmer” with a “Life-changing secret?”

Jeeze, I thought the 1 percent would be better looking than this!

Jeeze, I thought the 1 percent would be better looking than this!

by munchman

Nah, neither would I. But Starz is hoping that writers Gonzalez Iñárritu, Alexander Dinelaris Jr, Nicolás Giacobone and Armando Bo, who last collaborated on BIRDMAN, which munchman predicts will be the second coolest feature film of the season (behind GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, of course) will make this thing they’re calling THE ONE PERCENT pay off.

According to Deadline, THE ONE PERCENT is about “a downtrodden farmer [struggling] to hold onto his family and his farm, when a bizarre twist of fate [reveals] a life-changing secret that will either save them or ruin them.” (Yeah, I had to edit this quote cuz otherwise the sucker made like absolutely no sense.) 

Since there are no pix or videos from THE ONE PERCENT to show ya, how about the BIRDMAN trailer. I mean, what the hell?

YouTube Preview Image

TV Writing Deals: Does TV Need Yet Another Version of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO?

old monte cristo

No, this isn’t bad photoshopping. It just looks that way.


by munchman

Spike TV is developing this ancient but exciting story as some kind of undetermined limited series thing, and yer munchy one, for, um, one, is unimpressed. The pic above is from the 1934 film version starring Robert Donat.

There was no WGA to make the studios put writer’s names on the posters back then but the writers of this, the first talking version of the novel to go to film, were Philip Dunne, Rowland V. Lee, and Dan Totheroh, who may or may not have been household names back then.

I’ve seen most of the versions of ze Count and have even read the book, which is loong, let me tell ya. This particular film probably is the best telling of the story ever, and because of that I’d planned on doing a rant about how worthless re-tellings are.

But then I realized that I’m always attracted to re-dos, whether I want to be or not. When it comes to stories of any kind, yers truly is like a 2 year old who wants his (can’t say “her” if it’s about me, can I?) daddy to read the same book the same way every night. So why should I be surprised that studio executives and, yes, it’s true, audiences go in for the same thing?

No writer is attached to the Spike project yet. Who knows? One of us could even end up with the gig. If you get it, promise you’ll try to make it good, okay? I’ll do the same. Because you asked for it, or would’ve if you could, here’s a taste of the target we want to outdo:

YouTube Preview Image


Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/14/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Jim and Steve Armogida (CRASH & BERNSTEIN) are developing a TV version of SCHOOL OF ROCK for Nickelodeon. (And Yer Friendly Neighborhood Muncher can’t wait to see how that works without Jack Black in the lead. Mebbe we’ll get the once and for all answer to the question: “Is it the writing or the star that makes a big hit?” I think I know which way this’ll go. What about you, fellow, ahem, writers?)
  • Max Landis (CHRONICLE) is adapting the sainted Douglas AdamsDirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency novels for TV (network to be, you know, named). (This is a U.S. first, but in point of fact there already has been a BBC series version, which to mine adoring eyes was terrific. Kind of like BORED TO DEATH except with a totally amoral and devious conman hero. That version was heavily criticized for its departures from the books, so it’ll be interesting to see how close Max stays to St. Douglas’ original.)
  • Andrew Bluestone (newbie) is developing his spec screenplay, PILLS, into a web series through a deal that is, in effect, a prize for kicking ass in a contest held by The Black List website and WIGS, a prodco specializing in sophisticated web stuff. (Congrats, Andrew! And, nope, the munchman has absolutely nothing sarcastic to say. Not yet anyway.)
  • Jake Thornton & Ben Lustig (WINTER’S KNIGHT) are adapting John Scalzi‘s s-f novel, Old Man’s War into a series for Syfy. (And with producer-director Wolfgang Peterson supervising, I’m thinking this could be kinda cool. If the show can survive Syfy’s paltry budgets and eternal quest for “the cute,” that is. Good luck, dudes!)