Munchman’s Latest TV Musings

Munchman’s TV Musings #3

  1. OMG, kids, Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchman actually saw a TV show I lurve. A series that reflects the reality of my munched-up life and, methinks, the lives of other members of my reviled Millennial generation. I’m talking about the absolutely best series ever to appear on The CW (yeah, that isn’t saying much but still…), My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I won’t say much about it other than it’s a genuinely witty musical comedy (?!) and every damn thing I saw while bingeing Season 1 was true to all the feelings that I and my various recent Significant Others – AKA crazy ex-girlfriends) have felt. Watch this one!
  2. Continuing on an unaccustomed positive note, el Munchero also has spent some time watching the first couple of episodes of YouTube’s new series, Chance, starring Dr. Gregory House – excuse moi, I mean Hugh Laurie – as a doctor who gets way too involved in the problems of one of his non-patients. (Watch the opening ep and you’ll know what I mean.) It’s slow but filled with pseudo-noir goodness. That steamy old Kathleen Turner film Body Heat with a psychiatric twist. It’s a story we’ve all seen before, but it’s done impeccably. Gotta love a world where every single damn character is insane and most of them don’t know it.
  3. Moving on to the more normal Muncharoni disdain, CBS has canceled the worst show created by major showrunners in years, BrainDead. God, what a disappointing piece of Big Eye Network foolery. With any luck this will be the last we see of the highly overrated team of Robert and Michelle King. Don’t start commenting on how I put the man’s name first, ‘kay? That’s how the outdated, untalented brains behind one of the worst successes in TV AKA The Good Wife bill themselves. Buy-bye, Michelle and Bobby, please let the swinging door whack ya in your asses on the way out.
  4. Have I communicated my feelings of dismay over Charlie Kaufman’s film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind being turned into a TV series? Well, I’m munching the news into teeny weeny pieces right now. The creative team in charge consists of all kinds of people who are in tight with production company Universal Cable Productions, and Charlie himself isn’t one of them. Yeppers, Charlie Kaufman, the brilliant wacko scriptor behind not only ESOTSM but also Adaptation (executive produced by our Beloved Leader LB’s brilliant son Jeb Brody), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Adaptations, among others, has absolutely no say about this series. For that matter, he has never had a say about any series because TV execs are terrified of the dood. As they should be cuz Charlie knows things, ya hear what Munchie’s muttering?
  5. Munchabello here was going to write another angry paragraph about how totally patronizing and contemptible the recent announcement by Netflix that it’s authorized a new series by Mexican filmmaker Manolo Caro was, but shit’s happening at the Bangkok studio where my amazingly cool and wonderful and in every way perfect (if you have my mentality, that of a brilliant 12 year old kid) web series The Fantastic Friends is being made, so tootles for now, y’all. (And don’t forget to watch FF so you can see where I’m coming from and totally discount anything I say about…well, anything, I suppose.)

That’s it for this week. I’ve got a terrible, tasteless, but amazingly popular web series to get back to work on, but I promise – I’ll seeya next time with more TV joy!

Munchman: “Red Oaks” is Back!

by Munchman

It is with great glee that I inform one and all that Red Oaks, that cute little web series about a teenage boy and his privileged, country club life back in the halcyon days of 1986 will be back on the interwebs November 11th.

Not familiar with the series? Here’s some blurb verbiage:

For assistant tennis pro David Meyers it’s been a year of upheaval. In a freefall following his parents’ divorce, forced to drop out of NYU and forego dreams of becoming a filmmaker, his one silver lining has been his budding romance with Skye, the daughter of club president Doug Getty. But when Skye returns home from a year abroad in Paris with more worldly ways and a newfound independence, David finds himself caught in the middle between his strong-willed girlfriend and her equally stubborn father….

The series is written by Gregory Jacobs, Joe Gangemi, Karey Dornetto, Shawn Harwell, Tom Papa, Max Werner and Daisy Gardner.

Lightweight, meaningless, and derivative as Red Oaks may be, it’s as solid a series as you’ll find on the web and a good escape from contemporary conflicts, and Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchadorio recommends it whole-heartedly–

Wait. What?

Red Oaks isn’t a web series? It’s a presentation of Amazon Studios with Steven Soderbergh and David Gordon Green? You sure about that?

Shazbot! Munchy’s been snookered!

My apologies to all. Judged by professional standards, which I wasn’t doing because Indie TV and all, Red Oaks is bottom of the barrel slime. Stay away! Stay away!

Dammit, I gotta start watching my TV on a bigger screen than an elderly iPhone 5 so I can actually, you know, see the damn credits.

Munchman Bitches Again!

What we do for luv – and money!

Munchman’s TV Musings #2

  1. Okay, kiddies. Yer Friendly Neighborhood Chowdowner has tried twice this season to watch Supergirl. Based on its reviews, I should be slurping it down madly and begging for more. But that first Superman-Supergirl team-up? Holy steaming crap! The script was okay – if you like things that are okay – but the tone in general, the camera angles and movement, the sfx – shameful and insulting. And now you expect me to munch on Legends of Tomorrow featuring The Justice Society of America? What the flaming hell is wrong with you, CW parasites? What?!
  2. Meanwhile, MTV is developing a War of the Worlds series, and all munchderio here can say is…what happened to the good old days when D-boyz and girlz just up and stole the classics and pretended the originals didn’t exist? Cuz speaking of insulting, calling this new show by the same title as H.G. Wells’ classic definitely is heaping big brown spots all over the Wells literary estate – and because the copyright is long expired, nobody even has to pay for the “privilege.”
  3. Okay, my munchiness is feeling a tad calmer now. A post in Flavorwire about fictional writers who’ve appeared on TV had a strangely soothing affect on moi. For my money, the most accurately present writer on television right now is Jimmy Shive-Overly of You’re the Worst. The only glaring inaccuracy is that Jimmy drinks more than he drugs, which isn’t how things be going for m-m-my g-g-generation. And he gets laid a hell of a lot more. No, just kidding! Nobody could possibly be having more sex than yrs trly. Really! I am so a stud!
  4. OMG! I’ve been bingeing on Goliath! I’ve always been a sucker for Billy Bob Thornton, ever since he kicked Angelina out. (What? You heard it was the other way around? Nope. No way!) Bottom line: Billy Bob makes even David E. Kelly’s dated dialog and attitude come alive, creating a character who’s warm without being fuzzy, and who almost makes me wish I’d been born a redneck too.
  5. Speaking of old, fading star showrunners, Steven Bochko’s Murder in the First has been cancelled by TNT. Hey, they got three seasons out of it, so all was not lost. Should it have stayed? Did it overstay? Muncho can’t really say. I never could make myself watch it. Tried and tried, but there was all that drinking and drugging and sexing and writing to do, and y’know how time just slips, slips, slips into the future…

That’s it for this week. I’ve got a terrible, tasteless, but amazingly popular web series to get back to work on, but I promise – I’ll seeya next time with more TV joy!

Munchman Bitches Again!

What we do for luv – and money!

What we do for luv – and money!

Munchman’s TV Musings #1

More thoughts from Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchman, a guy acknowledged the world over (or at least within the room in which this is being typed) as a penetrating and trenchant observer and occasional conspirator in today’s TV scene:

  1. Word around the interwebs is that Disney, Amazon, and Apple are all looking into buying Netflix, which tells you bud Muncholo here that those of us who lurve the fact that Neflix is all about entertainment and nothing but (yeppers, I mean me! me! me!) could be in deep schitt because becoming part of just another diversified portfolio means the end of excellence as we know it. Think about it, y’all.  Every time the “our shareholders don’t care about the product, all the want is immediate profit” boys have moved in, audiences have suffered. Why, I remember back when I was Euripedes’ go-fer….
  2. Didja know that Black Sails is coming back for a fourth season on Starz? Do yez know why? Me neither, kidz. And I remember when Starz boss Chris Albrecht was a programming genius! Of course, he was also bopping his girlfriend in public back in those halcyon HBO days, so maybe his lost touch means he’s a better human being now, hey?
  3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is being developed for TV by Universal Cable Productions. Munchhausen was all thumbs-up on the Charlie Kaufman-Pierre Bismuth feature film, but this version’s going to one of the geniuses behind Human Target, Mad Dogs, and Forever, credits much more suited for a certain male member that rhymes with the aforementioned “genius” word but starts with a “P.”
  4. Speaking of Schitt, as in Deep Schitt, sorry Canadians, but no matter how hard I try I can’t find a single thing to laugh at in that very rapturously reviewed fraud. Like the old saying sez, “Schitty is as shitty does.” (Come on, there must be some old saying that says that…or at least something like it, yeah?)
  5. To end on a more positive note, the interwebs have been showing Amazon Prime’s first trailer for The Grand Tour and – wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, shockarooney – looks like the old Top Gear gang of Clarkson, Hammond, and May are gonna pull it off. Damn show looks and sounds glorious. Hmm, maybe things won’t be so bad if Amazon buys Netflix after all. But don’t believe my munchin’ mouth. Have a look-see for yerself:

That’s it for this week. Seeya next time with more TV joy!

munchman’s Take on the Fall 2016 Season so Far


What we do for luv – and money!

by munchman

More thoughts, munchites, from a guy acknowledged the world over (or at least within the room in which this is being typed) as a truly penetrating and trenchant observer:

  1. Okay, yer munchy one made absolutely my best effort to binge his way through Woody Allen’s Crisis In Six Scenes. Thanks to the magic of fast-forwarding, I made it through the first ep (well, more or less), but after that – whoa? Skinny, boring, old neurotic dude’s ready to trade in Elaine May for Miley Cyrus? This show is Allen’s biggest piece of crap since his last big piece of crap, and believe me, that was a tough act to follow.
  2. Anybody out there watching Amazon’s I Love Dick? No? I knew TVWriter™ attracted a smart crowd. Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman’s advice: Keep away. Keep far, far away. I mean, how many shows about neurotic, self-obsessed, unhappily married and all-around unfulfilled 40-something housewives does any world need? And even if there was room for one more, I Love Dick wouldn’t be the one. (Lurve the title though. It never fails to bring a nice, sneery, smirk to me face.)
  3. Amazon’s also ready to assault us with a new version of The Tick. The first live TV version was heavenly satire. This one actually seems to be taking itself seriously. Sorry, Amazon, you won’t be kicking Netflix’s ass with this kind of crud. (Do you know what “crud” really means? Trust me – it’s definitely a word worth looking up. Oh, wait, they’ve fucking changed it. Now it means “an incrustation of filth or refuse.” Back when I was in 6th grade it was a guaranteed giggler because Webster’s said it was “a crude synonym for smegma.” And smegma is what The Tick is, through and through.)
  4. Ooh, at last, a half hour – more or less – of pleasure. Just watched the season opener of Blunt Talk, which is Woody Allened (you know, created and run by) Jonathan Ames, a skinny, neurotic, not old or boring neurotic dude who also created, produced, wrote, etc. the late lamented Bored to Death. For my moolah, such as it is, Blunt Talk is currently one of TV’s least-watched but most brilliant comedies. Orgasmically blissful (take it from somebody who, well, knows.)

Ah, nuthin’ like spreadin’ the joy. Seeya next week with more TV joy!

munchman: Some Observations at the Start of the Fall 2016 Season

love & money

Yeppers, kids, muncho likes this pic from his old Love & $$$ column that here it is again. Waste not, want not. Hugs!

by munchman

Hold onto your valuables, gang, its trenchant observation time!

  1. Have you watched Fox’s new drama, Pitch, yet? Yer Friendly Neighborhood muncharino asks because he has – and has to tell you that this probably is the best bad TV show he’s ever seen. The premise is pure corn, the structure is solid soap, and absolutely nothing unexpected happens anywhere (although, lordy! how they try for that in the pilot), but the dialog is absolutely the best possible talk of any new series anywhere this season. A perfect example of good writers massaging the hell out of network-abused narrative. munchito suggest you all watch it – once.
  2. How about this for a stopper? NBC has announced that it’s going to bring us a “sexy” contemporary version of Dickens’ Oliver Twist, featuring a young female lead who “finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.” Jesus Fucking Christ, NBC, we know Dickens wrote for the masses, but this concept is pure messiness. Please, please, give el munchero the answer to the key question your announcement brings to mind: What the fuck are you smoking, dudes? (Which brings up a second query: Hope ya saved some for me.
  3. Just watched the premiere ep of something called This is Us, a sample of what NBC is sending out into the galaxy right now. Sorry, Executive Sweeters, but this ain’t about any “us” munchikins knows. And if this show does in fact reflect your own pasts, presents, and futures, well, now methinks I understand why you think your new take on Oliver Twist sounds okay.
  4. And then there’s Fox’s new TV version of Lethal Weapon. Did anybody involved in the development of this actually watch the original Shane Black-written film? Did I just hear somebody say, “Yes?” Okay – didja watch it with your eyes open and your ears unplugged? Didn’t think so.
  5.  So far, the munchman Cheesy TV Award for the new season goes to – Notorious. Hey, stars and crew of this botched bit of plastic script and production surgery, how does it feel to be so totally and irredeemably betrayed by whatever moron writes your checks?

Ah, nuthin’ like spreadin’ the joy. Seeya next week with more TV joy!


TVWriter™ Herbie J Pilato has a New Website

by munchman

4629759070_843x423TVWriter™ Contributing Editor Herbie J Pilato, known far and wide as, well, as Herbie J Pilato, has himself a new website, featuring everything from his authorized bio (written by famous Classic TV biographer Herbie J Pilato, no less) to a complete list of (and links to) his interweb work, books, and everything else you can think of – including all there is to know about the Classic TV Preservation site and even a link to TVWriter™.

It isn’t precisely a party in our pocket, but we definitely want y’all to come. (Herbie J may be the expert on Classic TV, but yer friendly munchamaniac still knows his Classic Underground Rock.)

Congrats on your grand opening, Herbie J Dood!

Get thee over to the man’s delicious new moonfruit That’s kind of an inside joke that’ll be part of once you click here: