Web Series: ‘The Call Room’

At last! A web comedy series set in an arena that has nothing to do with showbiz. We don’t know about you, but TVWriter™ definitely has been waiting for something like this.

Especially a something that’s, you know, funny as hell. Take the first episode, for example:

Created by Adam Carr
Written by Adam Carr & Craig Tovey
Directed by Craig Tovey
Produced by Nic Shafer

Adam Carr
Jonathan Schwartz
Alexa Rose
Nathaniel Meek
& Sean Harrison Jones

Original Music by Jonathan Schwartz & OMBB

© 2016 Sweetboy Productions

Discover more about The Call Room at the following highly informative locations:





And they’re doing the Twitter thing too, of course: http://www.twitter.com/callroomseries

Web Series: ‘Bill, the Therapist’

The interweb series world is blossoming with excellent series these days, especially with short episode comedies that expose most cable channel and entertainment website “humor” as naked emperors who wouldn’t know fine clothing even if they had it.

One of the best new web comedy series to come along recently is Bill the Therapist. This TVWriter™ minion is going to give it our highest possible recommendation:

“Watch this fucker, goddammit! You’ll be very, very, very glad!”

A great place to start is right here:

And you can watch more HERE

A very informative article on Bill, the Therapist and how it came to be is HERE

Best Puppet TV Show You’ll Ever See

The puppet series for those who hate puppets. Don’t believe us? Check this out:

See what mean?

Now are you getting it?

Two seasons of Callie & Izzy await.

See ’em HERE


Read a very cool analysis HERE

Web Series: ‘Dynamo’

This is the first web series that has genuinely creeped out this TVWriter™ minion…in a good way. These guys definitely know how to put together some very scary shit!

So what is Dynamo?

It’s like a sequence of events (but not in that order). It’s like an array of words and representational images.

It’s an experiment. It’s a story. It’s a series of shorts. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/’cute cyberpunk’ webseries. It’s the result of four years of late night discussions between friends. It’s a convoluted puzzle about the nature of reality (and monsters! and horrible romance!) It’s a narrative with layers of interlocking pieces. It’s the best thing we know how to make- and it’s pretty wacky!

Check it out HERE and HERE

Web Series: ‘Almost Anonymous’

There’s something about this indie web series that is, well, it’s bloody addictive, mates. Because even if you’ve never been mistaken for a big star you’ve probably fantasized what it would be like if you were.

No? Not even a little bit?

Thought so!

Check out Almost Anonymous HERE

And on their Web page too

Thanks, Stareable, for the tip.

Cargo 3120 Book 2 Update!

by Aaron Walker Sr.

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since our last update. But rest assured, we are still moving forward.

After several overhauls and fixes, I am proud to announce that the first draft of Cargo 3120: Ties that Bind Part 2 is now complete. I am in the process of editing and polishing what we have. But after having a core group of readers to test it out (folks that are not afraid to tell me if something sucks), I think we nailed it this time.After several setbacks behind the scenes, including a number of urgent family matters over the last year, progress on the second book was much slower than expected. I was originally trying to release the book sometime between September and November of 2016. But by that time, I felt the book wasn’t quite ready.

As a new author, I have always felt that it was important to put your best foot forward, rather than trying to rush something to the public for the sake of meeting a deadline. It has always been my commitment to our readers to put out a product that we can be proud of and that our readers will enjoy. We want to create a fully realized universe filled with characters that you will come to care about and connect with.

With that I do apologize for the delay, but I sincerely hope you will find that it was worth the wait. The goal right now is to hopefully release before the end of March or early April (sooner if possible). But I will be sure to keep everyone in the loop if that date changes one way or the other.

I think I am finally finding my voice as an author, and hopefully the 3rd book will not take as long as the first. I was originally going to release the Ties that Bind Episode story arch as a four-part series, but after editions that I made to book two, I feel we can do this as a trilogy. This means the books will be a bit longer (which I believe is a good thing for the reader).

And now, the best part of this update:

You Can Get Cargo 3120 Part 1 for Free!

And in case you didn’t know, you can now get Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind: Part 1 Ebook for free on Amazon and Smashwords! Check it out and spread the word!

Web Series: ‘Teenagers’

A genuine indie soap opera! Just what we’ve all been waiting for.

What’s that? You haven’t been waiting because you don’t like soaps? Take a tip from TVWriter™ and try this one anyway. Like all teenagers, it’s very different, and truly special. Teenagers really is a show that goes where no one has gone before…and in a way no one ever thought of.

Created by M. H. Murray & Sara Tamosauskas

Written & directed by M. H. Murray

Cinematography by Dmitry Lopatin

Score composed by Spencer Creaghan

Story by M. H. Murray & Sara Tamosauskas

Black Elephant Productions


Thanks once again to Stareable for the tip.