Cartoon: ‘The Anti-Muse’

Irresistible, no matter what kind of writer you are:

Non Sequitur is Wiley Miller’s wry look at the absurdities of everyday life. A hit with fans of all ages, the strip is syndicated in more than 700 newspapers. Non Sequitur has received four National Cartoonists Society divisional awards, the most prestigious in cartooning. It is the only comic strip to win the coveted award in its first year of syndication and the only one to ever win in both the best comic strip and best comic panel categories.

This hilarious creation is not only creative but also clever. It tackles current cultural issues such as politics, celebrities, male-female relations, materialistic desires and society’s obsession with weight. Non Sequitur will have you laughing at the controversy of everyday life.

Cartoon: ‘Problem Solving’

For some of us, thinking is more concrete than for others. Provided that you think of the act of writing is concrete – which some jocks, cheerleaders, and coaches failed to appreciate back in this TVWriter™ minion’s high school days.

But that’s ancient history. Our favorite cartoonist, Grant Snider, exists in the here and now, and so does his latest bit o’brilliance:


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Cartoon: ‘Stages of the Reader’

Grant Snider explains it all to us all. Or maybe he’s really explaining ourselves?

There’s lots more just like this (well not exactly, but you know what we mean, hey?) in Grant’s new book.

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Visit Grant’s website HERE

Cartoon: ‘Conversation’

Because a good conversation can be the best story of all. Especially as “reported” by the awesome Grant Snider:

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Cartoon: ‘A Book of Poems”

If you don’t believe that an artist can be a poet via pictures, then you’ve never seen Grant Snider’s work. Check it out:

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Cartoon: ‘Inspiration’

From God’s pen to our eyes:

Grant Snider and Incidental Comics nail it again!

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