Cartoon: ‘A Book of Poems”

If you don’t believe that an artist can be a poet via pictures, then you’ve never seen Grant Snider’s work. Check it out:

See what we mean? We really think you should spend some as much time as you can at Grant’s Incidental ComicsLook around. Enjoy. Buy a poster. Better yet, buy his new book!

Cartoon: ‘Inspiration’

From God’s pen to our eyes:

Grant Snider and Incidental Comics nail it again!

Don’t just sit there, buy Grant’s new book at Amazon.Com

Cartoons: TV Still has at Least One Show for Pluggers

LB found this. He says that it’s one of the things that convinced him to, um, stop watching NCIS. To which this TVWriter™ minion can only shake her head sadly and reply, “But, Boss, I thought you were the King of Thinking For Yourself and Following Your Different Drummer!”

Talk about disillusionment!

Cartoon: ‘The Pursuit of Idleness’

NOTE FROM LB: The way I see it, Grant Snider is absolutely the most inspirational guy on the interwebs today. Dood knows the ins and outs of creativity, creative people, and the creations of creative people, like no one else does ever has.

For example:

Don’t just sit there, get on over to Grant’s site, Incidental Comics, and look around. You won’t regret it. And while you’re there buy a poster or three. Or his new book. You won’t regret that either.

Cartoon: ‘Carpe Diem’

Grant Snider schools us on leading the creative life:

TVWriter™ loves Grant Snider and his Incidental Comics site. And we’re absolutely certain you will too!

LB reads ‘The Shape of Ideas’

by Larry Brody

Speaking of Grant Snider, as we did back on Tuesday, Grant the Greatest has a new book coming out April 18, 2017. I haven’t read it yet – as a book – but I know it’s going to be sensational because I have read or looked at – or whatever words you use when you’re perusing a collection of cartoons – just about everything the man has ever posted on the interwebs, and his entire body of work has been, in a word, wonderful.

The new book, The Shape of Ideas, An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity, is an amazingly beautiful and uncommonly perceptive look at creativity by one of the most creative cartoonists since Thomas Nast. Published by Abrams Books,  the hardcover edition in particular promises to be magical.

And that’s at the very least.

After all, how can it not be? Just as Mr. Snider is my numero uno cartoonist of all time, so is Abrams Books the publishing house I admire most when it comes to illustrated collections of just about any kind of art, but in particular magazine illos and comic strips.

The Shape of Ideas, An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity, will be in bookstores and, of course, on Amazon.Com in the middle of next month. Till then, previews are available at the just-mentioned Amazon link and at Abrams Books.

We’re talking definite Don’t-Miss here so harken unto the proudly partisan Brode and…don’t fucking miss it!

Cartoon: ‘Day Planner’

Grant Snider keeps touching our hearts. Witnesseth:

TVWriter™ admits it. We love Grant Snider and his Incidental Comics site.
And we’re absolutely certain you will too!