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by TVWriter™ Press Service

What can we say but “These guys are giants!?” This looks to be the most valuable evening of the year for WGAW members and non-members alike. TVWriter™ heartily recommends it. Hey, maybe we’ll see you there?

The Week at TVWriter™ – May 23, 2016

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Just Create, Dammit!

As you reach the end of the following article, don’t be surprised if you hear Our Beloved Leader Larry Brody’s voice ringing in your ears in agreement:

“Damn fucking right!”


I’m sitting here giggling to myself.

Had you seen me earlier today, I was slouched over the table. Frowned face, desperately trying to navigate my way around the “funding process” for TV Writers in Australia. With every sentence I’d read, my doubt plummeted deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, what I also call “The Pits of Hell.”

Yes, looking for funding is like jumping into a bottomless pit that opens the floodgates to death aka “The Pits of Hell”.

Did I really think I’d secure funding for two TV shows in different stages of development? Let alone over the next two months?! With no credits?!

For any writer looking for funding with Screen Australia – you need to have at least one credit. And that doesn’t mean you’ve directed and produced your backyard film with your little brother and your name happens to appear in the credit list. No, there is a seriously, strict criteria of what a “credit” means in the industry. The alternative is to attach either a Director, Producer, Executive Producer or Writer with credits. Cool. Easy – any takers?

What luck does the little guy have? What are we supposed to do? It’s a long and difficult  road and I feel like just giving up…

Well, I almost did.

Until my best friend Cass kicked me right in the butt:

Read it all at MIE PRESENCE blog

Herbie Pilato Invites You To…

There’s still time to make plans:

Sunday May 22

Web Series: INS is Watching Him

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by TVWriter™ Press Service & Comedy High Productions

It’s Public Service Announcement Time. You know, where we here at TVWriter™ do a good deed by telling all our visitors about a project we totally support. Pay attention, hear?

YouTube Preview Image

INS is Watching Him” is a parody of Michael Jackson’s, “Somebody’s Watching Me”, Ricardo Montalban – played by comedian, Jesenia.

Written and performed by comedian – Jesenia, this parody brings focus to the serious lack of humanity demonstrated to documented & undocumented immigrants in America. Wanting to give a voice to those who can’t or won’t, Jesenia decided to talk about it the only way she knows how – through the truth in COMEDY! Joined by the amazing freestyle diva Lisa Velez (Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam), INS is Watching Him delivers this powerful message of humanity!

We’d love your support in helping stop this war against racial disparities!!!

Comedy High Productions was created in 2013 by two women from the Bronx (Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia) whose main focus is to keep Producing Mad Shit – from a women’s point-of-view! They’ve produced “Latino Stereotypes for Dummies” – a sketch challenging Lorne Michaels to hire a Latina in their cast, “Carrot Cake” – a Dump Trump musical parody, and the web series, “Becoming Ricardo“, also with Jesenia and Lisa Velez!

Diana Vacc Sees OUTLANDER Episode 5 “Untimely Resurrection”

outlander-season-2by Diana Vaccarelli

This episode of Outlander entitled “Untimely Resurrection” finds Jamie and Claire at odds as the past comes back to haunt them. If you haven’t viewed this episode yet be warned this review may contain spoilers.


  • The writing of this episode was the best this show has achieved to date. Richard Kahan writes an episode so full of tension that I didn’t just see and hear it, I felt it in my bones. The dialogue this time around is fantastic and gives the actors so much to play with. The way Kahan wrote the return of the Villain – Black Jack Randall – made it the best scene of the show. Everything about it was perfect.
  • The Acting was topnotch. Caitriona Balfe, who portrays our heroine Claire, demonstrates a true conflict of the heart. She gives everything to her performance in this episode, and I felt her inner turmoil as my own. Sam Heughan, as Jamie, truly owns this episode with his performance. The anger, satisfaction, and, yes, happiness of the character is tangible in every scene. And, as Black Jack, Tobias Menzies is so evil that the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.


  • There is one scene I could have done without. The scene with Claire and Annalise (Jamie’s Ex). It seemed pro forma, as though the show was following an unnecessary template and and do anything but slow down the episode.


  • If you haven’t watched this show you truly need to. It has everything.

Happy TV watching!

Diana Vaccarelli is a TVWriter™ Critic-at-Large. Learn more about her HERE