Peer Production: WALLFLOWERS is another web series we should all be watching

by munchman

It’s also the best series about gays on the planet:

Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman isn’t gay, but if I was…I’d still watch this show.

See it HERE.

Game Developers Ditch YouTube Reality Show in Sexism Protest

Cuz some people really do live by the principles they set forth. Even in showbiz:

youtubeby Chelsea Stark

Bring in well-established indie game developers. Add a lot of cameras and premise for a YouTube reality show. Then throw in serious product placement from Mountain Dew and stir up accusations of producers manipulating cast members to get reactions.

If all accounts are accurate, this is how potential reality show GAME_JAM ended production after only one day, as the 11 indie developers asked to participate left the set in anger. The show was a production of Maker Studios’ subchannel Polaris, which focuses on games and gaming culture.

According to Jared Rosen, a journalist who does contract work for Polaris and writes about independent games, the reality show was originally pitched as something representing the spirit of the indie games community, but became “misguided” as more people and money got involved. Rosen was on the set and wrote about the whole experience on Indie Statik.

The idea was to “document the ups and downs of actually developing a game – hopefully sharing that experience with a viewership likely ranging into the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions,” Rosen wrote — at least that’s what drew the 11 developers to travel to Los Angeles for the shoot.

“More importantly, it would be an opportunity for the group to share the closely-knit spirit of togetherness unique to indie development, presented through the lens of popular YouTube personalities with massive, mostly younger built-in viewerships,” he continued. “A slam dunk, you might say, created in earnest to shine a kind of light into the often misrepresented world of creating … or, at least, that’s what everyone thought.”

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the 4 Doctors

And no, we sure ain’t talking about MDs here. It’s the Big Four:

  1. Tom Baker
  2. Peter Davison
  3. Colin Baker
  4. Sylvester McCoy

Doctors 4, 5, 6, and 7, no matter what a certain Steven Moffatt would like us to believe.

Oh, the video. 28:19 minutes of DOCTOR WHO gold. Right HERE.

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Did You Know There’s a Special Rental Complex for Creative Seniors in the Valley?

Neither did we. And we’re shocked, we tell you, shocked. Seniors? Creativity? Since when do those things go together?

Of course, we’re also just now starting to adjust to the idea that there’s an area called the NOHO Arts District in beautiful, not-so-downtown North Hollywood, which previously was known – to TVWriter™ – for only one wonderful thing: Little Tony’s Pizza, on the corner of Lankershim and Vineland. (Free plug!)

Be this as it may, here’s the NOHO Senior Arts Colony Apartments pitch, for all of you oldsters who can’t get into the Motion Picture and TV Country Home, live and in color:

NOHO Senior Arts CaptureCLICK HERE for more info to click on.